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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001136minorresolved (tvo)2006-03-10Units do not report when they're under attack
  00000893minorresolved (tvo)2006-03-09Off-screen attack klaxon no longer works unless spectating
  0000112 minorresolved (tvo)2006-03-07rotating camera w/ Shift key rotates extremely fast
  0000086 majorresolved (tvo)2006-03-03Units get stuck inside buildings
  0000106 trivialresolved (tvo)2006-03-03SCONS cannot detect CPU-type on Xeon-type machines due to bad/wrong 'detect.py'
  00000964majorresolved (tvo)2006-03-03Spring crashes while generating texture from "bitmaps/loadpictures/start1.jpg"
  00000941featureresolved (tvo)2006-03-01Keyboard mapping for Mouse1, Mouse2 aswell.
  0000095 minorresolved (tvo)2006-03-01"z" and "x" keys dont work any more for spacing
  0000077 majorresolved (tvo)2006-03-01F2 view bugged
  00000712featureresolved (tvo)2006-02-27"Space Building" not mapped to keystrokes.
  00000783minorresolved (fnordia)2006-02-27Display frequency settings don't work
  00000811minorresolved (tvo)2006-02-27GUI no longer updates repeat on/off and high/low trajectory status
  00000742featureresolved (tvo)2006-02-26please add a depth buffer settings
  0000080 minorresolved (tvo)2006-02-26Right Shift no longer speeds camera speed scroll
  0000076 crashresolved (tvo)2006-02-26Some maps no longer work
  00000571minorresolved (jcnossen)2006-02-01Various small things.
  00000344minorresolved (tvo)2005-12-14spring segfault before main() under linux
  00000132majorresolved (jcnossen)2005-12-10'Black Ground' effect - based in Skybox