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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00003691majorresolved (tvo)2007-01-060.74b2: units guarding plants are stuck
  00003641featureresolved (tvo)2007-01-06[patch] A somewhat improved MINGW compatible avi generator.
  00003577crashresolved (tvo)2007-01-03-1 hitpoint unit leads to -1 experience point, crazed weapon speed and crash
  00003496tweakresolved (tvo)2007-01-02patch to enable seaplanes to land *IN* water
  00001392minorresolved (tvo)2006-12-31One (at least) sound plays when spring sound volume set to 0
  00003524majorresolved (tvo)2006-12-31Fueled aircraft fail to return to refuel after a certain distance
  00003533crashresolved (tvo)2006-12-31Weird crash on Delta Siege Dry
  00003483minorresolved (tvo)2006-12-27patch to prevent transports from picking up cloaked enemy units
  00003441crashresolved (tvo)2006-12-22Typing .kick without a player name crashes the game always
  00003431tweakresolved (tvo)2006-12-22patch to enable seaplanes to land on water
  00003381minorresolved (Yeha)2006-12-11NanoTower Ranges Visable to Enemies
  00003263featureresolved (tvo)2006-12-11[Patch] A few things
  00003313featureresolved (tvo)2006-12-11FPS Mode error
  00001054featureresolved (tvo)2006-12-11FPS aiming
  00003211minorresolved (tvo)2006-11-18GUI still clickable when hidden
  00003281majorresolved (tvo)2006-11-18Sync errors in 0.73b1 with many players (seems to be >= 5 players)
  000032012minorresolved (tvo)2006-11-07Nightly 2533 keeps crashing...
  00002733crashresolved (tvo)2006-11-02crash on Group AI deconstruction
  00003191majorresolved (tvo)2006-11-02Underwater units invisible, and buildings can overlap them.
  00003151crashresolved (tvo)2006-10-29Update(): Assertion `owner->unitDef->canAttack' failed when attacking with a group including mines
  00003132majorresolved (tvo)2006-10-22Wait can not be toggled off when used with factories.
  00003141majorresolved (tvo)2006-10-22Desync on death of a Sub
  00002912featureresolved (tvo)2006-10-01[Patch] Better behavior of Fight and Patrol
  00003011minorresolved (jcnossen)2006-09-26[Patch] Smarter unit behavior for multiple weapons and those with arcs. BUGFIX
  00002294minorresolved (tvo)2006-09-23Remove unit from group hotkey not working as expected.
  00002022featureresolved (tvo)2006-09-22[patch] Changes to patrol. Addition of Fight.
  00002775minorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19first buton on GUI clipping.
  00001963minorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Mouse doesn't point at build position
  00002151majorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Crashreport not enabled on windows
  00002051majorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Left/right keys bound to both camera movement and fire state
  00002461featureresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Transparacy Channel for S3O
  00002002majorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19The gane desyncs me randomly
  00002831featureresolved (tvo)2006-09-19the help function of the lua mission editor does not work
  00002781crashresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Selecting default groupAI twice crashes
  00002982majorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Noexplode projectiles get stuck
  00001764majorresolved (tvo)2006-09-19Noexplode no longer works with lasers
  00002616textresolved (jcnossen)2006-09-18Nothing is written on the button (move, attack, ...)
  00000646trivialresolved (jcnossen)2006-09-18ATI Radeon 9200s Do Not Show Menu Text
  0000294 majorresolved (jcnossen)2006-09-18Infinite reclaiming
  00002852blockresolved (tvo)2006-09-10SVN Version 20xx - 2070 do not compile on Ubuntu Edgy AMD 64
  00002721majorresolved (tvo)2006-08-13BEAMTIME = 0 Can cause a SYSTEM STOP error
  00002351minorresolved (tvo)2006-07-06crash in svn
  00002263majorresolved (tvo)2006-07-06Build bug can still detect enemy units outside LOS
  00001813majorresolved (colorblind)2006-07-06Attack isn't canceled when enemy unit goes outside LOS
  00002222featureresolved (tvo)2006-07-06[Patch] Smarter unit behavior for multiple weapons and those with arcs
  00002251tweakresolved (tvo)2006-07-06[Patch] Some additions and fixes to the AI interface
  00002231tweakresolved (jcnossen)2006-07-03[patch] Isairbase fix
  00001954featureresolved (tvo)2006-06-22New patch for map markers
  00002032minorresolved (tvo)2006-06-22Allied chat broken with Japanse keyboards
  00001372tweakresolved (tvo)2006-06-22Pathfinding improvements please.