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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00001722minorresolved (Kloot)2008-04-30Enemy buildings, Finished building within LOS, dont leave a ghost.
  00006551minorresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] Command and CommandQueue minor changes
  00005462minorresolved (tvo)2008-04-30BA crash+stacktrace
  00009053trivialresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] WeaponDefHandler.h non-virtual destructor
  00009044trivialresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] UnitDef.h non-virtual destructor
  00009101minorresolved (Kloot)2008-04-30[patch] HandleChatMsg reordering
  00009091featureresolved (Kloot)2008-04-30[patch] Command line resolution
  00009067minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-04-30[patch] using namespace std; in header files removed
  00008751featureresolved (ILMTitan)2008-04-29[patch] brakeRate for ground units
  00009021minorresolved (Kloot)2008-04-26[SVN] Sunlight is not drawn
  00008182crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-22Lua crash (was: Unhandled exception)
  00008262crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-22Lua crash (was: another crash)
  00008862crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-22LUAUI crashes followed by Spring crash
  00008984crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-22Weird lua errors, rapidly followed by spring crash
  00008931featureresolved (Kloot)2008-04-15[patch] get MIN, get MAX, get ABS
  00008922minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-04-15replays broken when playing against KAIK-0.13 (r5740)
  00004484majorresolved (LordMatt)2008-04-15Shields are not damaged by lightning weapons.
  00008902minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-04-14Assertion failed: size + pos <= length, file rts\System/Net/PackPacket.h, line 32
  00008537crashresolved (tvo)2008-04-08Give a transport an unload order on the edge of the map with .76b1 and spring crashes
  00003464minorresolved (LordMatt)2008-04-03You can hear enemy unit sounds if you are in that area of the map, even if you cannot see the units
  00008811crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-02Crash with many nano's helping build units in factory
  00008821crashresolved (Kloot)2008-04-02Aircraft outside bounds of map cause crash.
  00007228majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-03-29Frames not renderred normally when recording with F10 and any codec in SVN!
  00008512tweakresolved (Kloot)2008-03-22When unit with shield is picked up by air transport, shield effect wont disappear
  00000521minorresolved (Kloot)2008-03-22Units acknoledge enemy "bugger of"
  00008682crashresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-03-19Crash in CAirMoveType
  00008661minorresolved (Kloot)2008-03-19Low-acceleration construction units move slower than they should when they have a build order.
  00008642crashresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-03-18[SVN] Last player to join crashes
  00008256minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-03-17Graphical corruption on /water 2
  00008631minorresolved (LordMatt)2008-03-12LuaUI crashes, spring crashes when luaui reloaded.
  00008611minorresolved (KDR_11k)2008-03-09Gunships don't stop when reaching a waypoint
  00008541crashresolved (Kloot)2008-02-23Spring crashes when '/luaui reload' is used to reload luaui after it crashes
  00008494crashresolved (KDR_11k)2008-02-19Crashbug with Lua-spawned units
  00008501minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-16[patch]Avi generator ?óÔé¼ÔÇ£ The last deadlock
  00008431majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-12[patch]Deadlock in new avi generator
  00005331minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-08Replay doesn't work after cheat to change player team
  000073915minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-08hosted replays have a bug
  00008298featureresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-08[patch]Single step fix + new avi generator
  00008351crashresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-02-02SEGV's caused by team->leader being -1
  0000773 majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-01-27Demos recorded by host with modfilename1 will not play on client machine with modfilename2 afterwards
  00001879tweakresolved (tvo)2008-01-21Screen flashes on first building selection
  00007697majorresolved (tvo)2008-01-21Random gray/white flickering
  00006886featureresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-01-20[patch] NETMSG_KILLALLUNITS
  00001085featureresolved (tvo)2008-01-14.nopause host option.
  00002111minorresolved (tvo)2008-01-14Problem with Setting Default Camera
  00008101minorresolved (tvo)2008-01-14.nospectatorchat 1 is bugged
  000075713majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-01-14spectator timeout causes host to crash
  00008111trivialresolved (tvo)2008-01-14Display of time on the game end (stats) screen is a bit bugged
  00004565crashresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-01-13Unknown exceptions (SDL_CreateCursor, SDL_GL_SwapBuffers)
  00008012crashresolved (Kloot)2008-01-12Crash