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0000013Spring engineGeneralpublic2005-12-10 14:31
Reportertarg collective 
Assigned Tojcnossen 
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Summary0000013: 'Black Ground' effect - based in Skybox
DescriptionCustom skyboxes cause Spring to create a white-out skybox with errors in texture loading (many textures black out). My guess is Spring isn't as compatible as it could be when it comes to loading them.

Good luck finding (and squishing) the bug!
Additional InformationThis bug does not occur for all people. A list of dependancies the .dds files possess would be invaluable in determining why.
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targ collective (reporter)

Last edited: 2005-11-29 13:28

I have recorded a video of this but when I tried to upload a Bug_ID eror happened. Essentially the video shows a completely white skybox with what appears to be a gigantic black box underneath, which I presume corresponds to the largest map Spring can support. (This is underneath the main map.) There are plenty of darkened textures in there too.

EDIT: The video has now been sent to Zaphod via Email.


jcnossen (reporter)

Probably fixed now, test http://taspring.clan-sy.com/dl/spring-blackmaptest.zip to try the fix.

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