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0000190Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-06-02 22:08
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Summary0000190: Impulsefactor/movement from explosions stops affecting units after a certain model size.
DescriptionWell, I've played with all the other variables I can think of (including mass and metal cost), and I still can't get things work as I'd like them to, so here I am.

The problem is that the size of the model seems to affect how much a weapon's explosion can push the unit - regardless of impulsefactor. I've given a smaller unit the same mass and metalcost as the unit I'm trying to work on, and it was able to be pushed around, while the larger unit could not - even with a smaller mass, footprint, or metal cost. The models I'm working on DO vary greatly in size (an AA Sumo vs an AA krogoth), and so I believe that's the problem.

If model size could be untied from a unit's inertia, it would be a great help and let modders define weapons that push or pull units more exactly, and with different unit scales.
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Nemo (reporter)

Please accept my apologies - I forgot to try messing with the HP of the unit.

The above report is completely invalid, and should be deleted as soon as possible.

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