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0000094Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-03-01 10:31
ReporterBug Hunter 
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000094: Keyboard mapping for Mouse1, Mouse2 aswell.
DescriptionThe keyboard mapping for Mouse4 and Mouse5, works excellent, ive tested and used in some (metal ugh) map.

I wich i could map the rmb, or lmb, just a easy.

It diminishes the times you have to click with the mouse, intead you can use your keyborad, its very confortable, ive used this in other games.
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ignesandros (reporter)

Maybe even Mouse 3, 4, and 5 and wheel 2? Ehh... I'm dreaming. I guess the only game that loves my 5 button, 2 wheel mouse is Unreal Tournament 2004 (except wheel 2). THANKS!

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