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0000113Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-03-10 19:42
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000113: Units do not report when they're under attack
DescriptionUnits do not report when they are under attack; in previous releases (pre 0.7x) they did.
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has duplicate 0000089resolvedtvo Off-screen attack klaxon no longer works unless spectating 



colorblind (reporter)

I just noticed that when viewing a replay, units DO report that they're under attack.


el_matarife (reporter)

Does the attack warning work while spectating? This and the base attack warning sound / klaxon bug may be related or cause by the same problem. The base attack warning sound doesn't work while playing, but works while spectating, and I'd assume replays but haven't tested yet.


colorblind (reporter)

Yes, when you're viewing a replay you are a spectator, so it works. I guess you're talking about the same thing, as bases are made up of units :P.


el_matarife (reporter)

I think I found the bug on line 583 of the unit.cpp file, the if statement on that line has && gu->spectating in it which I believe should be a || logical OR operator rather than a && logical AND, meaning the if statement won't be tripped unless you are spectating. I found this in the latest source code download on the download page which is I believe just the regular .70b2 code.


colorblind (reporter)

The old windows branch (0.67b3 on sourceforge CVS) has "&& !gu->spectating" instead of "|| gu->spectating". The former (i.e. the AND NOT) seems more desirable to me.


tvo (reporter)

Changed it to 0.67b3 code. Also separated the commander timer and the normal timer better, so your commander message won't be discarded because there was a normal attack notification a frame earlier.

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