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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00004421minorresolved (tvo)2007-06-12Clipping issue with building on enemy cloaked mexes
  00004434majorresolved (tvo)2007-06-12canassist=0 can be circumvented
  00005292blockresolved (tvo)2007-06-12UnitRestricted can be circumvented
  00003064majorresolved (tvo)2007-06-05tracking locks camera (was: FPS controll mode is broken)
  00003725minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-300.74b2: energy sharing threshold
  00002795minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-30[patch] Dead units remain as target until Killed returns
  00005391minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-30MSVC 2005 missing includes
  00005411featureresolved (tvo)2007-05-30[patch] multiple unit sounds
  00005381minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-30[patch] TdfParser
  00005421crashresolved (tvo)2007-05-30[patch] Ghosted but dead buildings come to LOS : corrupted double-linked list crashes game
  00005352featureresolved (tvo)2007-05-22[patch] set/get STANDINGFIREORDER and STANDINGMOVEORDER
  00005322minorresolved (trepan)2007-05-12Shield detaches when it's fully charged
  00005301minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-02[patch] CSolidObject::GetMapPos is off by one at bottom edge and right edge
  00005311minorresolved (tvo)2007-05-02[patch] CUnitHandler::ShowUnitBuildSquare incorrect handling of buildfacing
  00005242featureresolved (ILMTitan)2007-05-01[patch] added decloakOnFire fbi tag
  00005112crashresolved (ILMTitan)2007-04-22Spring crashes on starting BOTA 1.4
  00005063minorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-04-22[patch] .give command crash-fix
  00005272featureresolved (trepan)2007-04-21[patch] Workertime multipliers for repair, reclaim, resurrect and capture
  0000519 minorresolved (trepan)2007-04-10[patch] added Lua call-in CommandFallback which recieves unhandled commands
  00005151trivialresolved (trepan)2007-04-070.74b3: shift+esc player list does not appear selectable even if it is
  00005052featureresolved (tvo)2007-04-05[patch] LoadingRadius tag for transports
  00004995featureresolved (tvo)2007-04-04[patch]colormap for ballistic ('cannon' type) weapons
  00004934featureresolved (tvo)2007-04-04[PATCH] New game mode
  00004554featureresolved (Yeha)2007-04-04Patch: avoidFeature
  00004085crashresolved (jcnossen)2007-04-04[patch] Race condition with lua
  00002995minorresolved (tvo)2007-04-04[patch] Teamcolours flip randomly around when using s3o projectiles with team colours.
  00005081minorresolved (tvo)2007-04-04[patch] Queueing buildings with varying buildfacings cancel each other when shouldn't and vice versa.
  00005091minorresolved (tvo)2007-04-04[patch] Improved build order for every kind of area build, also fixes bug with circle build with non-square buildings
  00000243minorresolved (jcnossen)2007-04-02Corpse Feature textures issue
  00002626featureresolved (ILMTitan)2007-04-02Gradual and chunk reclaim
  00004943minorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-04-02[patch] Team colour for features (corpses)
  00005043crashresolved (trepan)2007-03-31Paralyzer tag and latest SVN build (3503)
  00000662featureresolved (tvo)2007-03-25S3O Explosion Behavior
  00000481featureresolved (tvo)2007-03-25Unit Behavior: Construction units on patrol claim resources when not needed.
  00000581minorresolved (tvo)2007-03-25Loading crash
  00004922crashresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-18Crashes midway through playing
  00004882crashresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-16Spring crashes and tells me to file a bug report, when I'm playing skirmish game with two different AI's.
  00004606featureresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-10Units with hover movetype cannot be loaded into a transport
  00004614minorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-09[patch] Various fixes
  00004405featureresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-08Added CollisionSphereOffset=x y z; FBI tag
  00004593minorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-03-08Units being transported by air still conform to terrain
  00001972crashresolved (tvo)2007-02-19- Error 10004 Error Sending/Reciving Data - <- actual label that is posted when crash happens.
  00004293crashresolved (tvo)2007-02-16localhost game crashed
  00004195majorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-02-07planes T2 (vamp) are making too bad patrol
  00004211tweakresolved (trepan)2007-02-05Invalid Lua widgets no message
  00001111minorresolved (tvo)2007-02-01Map Glitch when resized
  00002591minorresolved (tvo)2007-02-01Jammer Coverage doesn't show on minimap
  00004021featureresolved (tvo)2007-01-31[PATCH] AirStrafe tag
  00000905majorresolved (tvo)2007-01-31Mouse Pointer slowdown on Shift + system heavy load
  00002531featureresolved (tvo)2007-01-29Air Transports going outside map with Unload command.