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0000130Spring engineGeneralpublic2006-04-21 22:26
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000130: Subs won?é??t shoot
DescriptionSubs in XTA Pimped E. and AA (Arm and Core Lvl 1 and 2) will not use their torpedos. Actually I did see the Arm subs (Lurkers) shooting in XTA when I targeted the enemys Com under water, but then it was in completly wrong directions, seemingly randomly.
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EMPeror (reporter)

I played core, and the enemy arm units in shallow water could not be targeted by my subs or by my torpedo planes. Had to reclaim them to get the win. Couldn't do the trick where you use use a sub to "attack" a location on the other side of the unit to hit.


tvo (reporter)

does this still happen with 0.70b3?

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