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  00062231104.0 +gitminornew2019-05-21MAC lives in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine ...
  00062221104.0 +gitmajornew2019-05-17104.0.1-1239-g12caea1 maintenance Circuit AI does not do anything in ssf loaded games
  00062194104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-05-17104.0.1-1239-g12caea1 maintenance Loading saved game crash
  00062201104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-05-17104.0.1-1239-g12caea1 maintenance Midgame crash
  00062211104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-05-17104.0.1-1239-g12caea1 maintenance End game crash
  00062065104.0 +gitminorresolved2019-05-08104.0.1-1752-g139d66b develop Units move towards too-distant path waypoints
  00062181104.0 +gitminorresolved (hokomoko)2019-05-05Locally built 104.0.1-1771-g17688ff crashes on launch
  00062177104.0 +gitmajornew2019-05-05luaui entry point check fails to search inside basecontent
  00062155104.0crashresolved (Kloot)2019-05-05Factory crashes game upon completing unit
  00062162minorresolved (Kloot)2019-05-041223 crashes
  0006214 tweakresolved (Kloot)2019-04-30[CrashHandler] Warning: Setting a ThreadControls object on a thread that already has such an object registered.
  00062113minorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-27[DESYNC WARNING] path-checksum for spectator 1 (~UnnamedPlayer) is 0
  000616311104.0 +gitcrashfeedback2019-04-27104.0.1-1060-g7f3541f maintenance VFS seemed to misplace files inside a sdz during a game
  00062094104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-04-25maintenance 1156 crashes
  00061851104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-04-25aicontrol crashes other users
  0006208 featureresolved (Kloot)2019-04-25Specify custom directories for spring archive content
  0006210 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-25Spread `Script.IsEngineMinVersion` availability
  000613613104.0 +gitminornew2019-04-24targetting behaves like cylinderTargeting is enabled, but its not
  0006207 104.0 +gitminorresolved (hokomoko)2019-04-22Headless clients can't play with normal clients anymore
  00058455104.0minorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-20Flamethrower fire doesnt always die out.
  00062041104.0 +gittweakresolved (Kloot)2019-04-18Make nanoframe shadow grow alongside unit instead of appearing suddenly
  00062032104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-04-16104.0.1-1745-g3758b87 develop Hang while loading
  00060921104.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2019-04-13Add a way to make the mouse completely ignore the minimap
  00062012104.0 +gitminorresolved (hokomoko)2019-04-11CmdCescrCache overflow is caused by stockpile
  000581547104.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-11104 engine render map with repeated square of texture on AMD Gfx card
  00061675104.0 +gitminorresolved (hokomoko)2019-04-10What does "Warning: [CmdDescrCache::GetPtr] too many unique command-descriptions" mean?
  00061993104.0 +gitfeaturenew2019-04-10More control over unit-unit repulsion force and distance
  000619512104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-07104.0.1-1686-g9a24a29 develop Default UI elements flicker
  00062001104.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2019-04-06Feature - Set whether a unit is shown by LOS or airLOS
  00061961104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-05104.0.1-1686-g9a24a29 develop Units phase through enemies
  00061973104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-04-05104.0.1-1686-g9a24a29 develop Units with pushResistant become stuck on each other
  00061931104.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2019-04-02Feature: Weapon collision tag for only colliding with target unitID
  00061921104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-04-01crash at start in rts/lib/lua/src/lobject.cpp:123
  00061172minorassigned (abma)2019-04-01Stacktrace translator
  00061891104.0 +gitminornew2019-03-31104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc maintenance Early spectator non-AI desync
  00061871104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-03-30104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc maintenance Midgame crash
  0006186 104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-03-29crash at start in rts/Rendering/GL/AttribState.hpp:114
  00059593104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-03-29Spring.SetConfigInt("TreeRadius",value) doesnt work
  0006184 104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-03-28Spring-Headless crashes when connecting to server
  000138210.78.2.1majorresolved2019-03-28Unit type avaliable to LUA for ceasefired allies.
  00061783104.0 +gitminorresolved (abma)2019-03-25SpringFiles seems not to classify recent maps correctly
  00061831minorresolved (Kloot)2019-03-25request: a way to update featuredrawdistance without the needing a restart
  00061816104.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2019-03-25ASSIMP collada importer using id property instead of name
  0006177 104.0 +gitminorassigned (Kloot)2019-03-23104.0.1-1105-gad33cc1 maintenance Large spiders become stuck on structures at the top of sheer cliffs
  0006182 104.0 +gitminornew2019-03-23musicvolume is 0 but music isn't muted
  0006180 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-03-23104.0.1-1130-g19e9a8c maintenance Graphics glitch on camera tilt
  00061791104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-03-21104.0.1-1130-g19e9a8c maintenance Hang on leaving battle
  00061695104.0 +gitcrashresolved2019-03-19104.0.1-1085-gfc6d80e maintenance Failed to allocate memory with AI involved
  00061761104.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2019-03-19Feature: A way to not watch unit shrapnel
  0004479397.0.1+gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2019-03-18Let Script.SetWatchWeapon pick callins