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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000632115104.0 +gitmajorfeedback (hokomoko)2019-10-19missing tiff support in devil with mingwlibs64
  0006325 minorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-18cutomformations widget stopped working
  00061483featurefeedback (abma)2019-10-16Add a "Checked Infolog for lua Errors" field to engine bug report
  000629910minorresolved (hokomoko)2019-10-16win64 builds still broken
  00063205104.0 +gitminorresolved2019-10-15Font drawing on develop
  00063221104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-15CEG errors are ambiguous
  00059524104.0 +gitmajornew2019-10-14Java AIs are not killed on Spring.Reload
  00063192104.0 +gitminornew2019-10-12Incorrect view/projection matrices in DrawWorld() on develop
  0006318 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-11Can control self-hosted AI without godmode, even enemy
  00063171104.0 +gitfeaturenew2019-10-11Expand AllowCommand with playerID
  00062651104.0 +gitminorfeedback (Kloot)2019-10-08MiddleClickScrollSpeed issue
  0006316 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-08spring camera zooms to center when cursor out of map
  00063113104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-06Error: [VBO::New] cannot recreate persistent storage buffer [f=-000001] Error
  0006315 minorresolved (Kloot)2019-10-06validation test assert fails in PreGame.cpp:582: clientNet->GetDemoRecorder() == nullptr
  00063024featurefeedback2019-10-04Convert Spring to use a local JRE for java AIs
  00063071minorresolved2019-10-03on large camera distance there is a white screen cutoff wall appearing
  00058186104.0crashfeedback (hokomoko)2019-10-01SpringBoard crashes when trying to export map textures (windows)
  00063147104.0 +gittrivialresolved (hokomoko)2019-10-01CircuitAI update
  0006313 104.0 +gitminornew2019-09-30disappeared decals make minimap lighter
  00063101104.0 +gitminornew2019-09-29crash on -1398
  00063084104.0 +gitfeaturenew2019-09-28Use selection volumes in the box selection algorithm
  00063062minorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-22enemyID is nil in AllowUnitCloak for two script-cloaked units within min decloak distance
  00063042104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-21104.0.1-1398-g7442945 maintenance | non-upright units flicker between sloped and upright positions on slopes
  0006303 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-19adding/changing cursors via widget
  00063008minornew2019-09-10Java AI interface sometimes throws "does not implement" error on startup
  00062941majorresolved (abma)2019-09-07win32 build broken because of broken mingwlibs
  00062961104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-09-06104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintence "Creating Smooth Height Mesh" crash
  00062761104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-09-06104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Loading save access violation
  00062951104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-09-06104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintence Synced midgame crash
  0006291 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-05104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintenance Incorrect sounds when loading saved games
  0006293 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-05104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintenance Plane flies off the edge of the map forever
  0006287 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-09-01104.0.1-1378-g00fda18_maintenance |black square around some CEG effects
  0003310191.0trivialresolved (Kloot)2019-08-31[Request] One default for ownerExpAccWeight
  00062865104.0 +gitblockresolved (Kloot)2019-08-31joined battle room, game is downloaded from rapid but user remains unsynced
  00047132featureresolved (abma)2019-08-30create .md5 for buildbot builds
  00062853104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-27hang at start
  00046361featureresolved (Kloot)2019-08-26[Feature request] Ally selection / control
  00043819featureresolved (Kloot)2019-08-22Allow to cancel selection rectangle with ESC/custom action
  00062542featureresolved (abma)2019-08-21Updating the front page trailer
  0006228 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-17reloadcegs makes particle textures opaque
  00062614104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2019-08-17104.0.1-1305-gf2c1261 maintenance Spring keeps hanging on luarules reload
  00062801104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-15104.0.1-1344-g07bdbaf maintenance LightningCannon that is meant to always hit sometimes misses
  0006282 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-15104.0.1-1344-g07bdbaf maintenance Simultaneously killing a wreck spawns duplicate debris
  0006278 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-14104.0.1-1344-g07bdbaf maintenance Incorrect minimap visibility with /specfullview
  00062742104.0 +gitfeaturenew2019-08-13104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Non-lua save issues
  00062631104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-12104.0.1-1305-gf2c1261 maintenance Clean but long desync
  00062731104.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-12104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Some desyncs
  0006277 104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-12104.0.1-1344-g07bdbaf maintenance Structure stacking on cliffs
  0006275 104.0 +gitcrashnew2019-08-12104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Failed to allocate memory
  00062671104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2019-08-05Broken F1 view on AMD GPU