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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0006397 104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-30Chili UI crashes 104.0.1-1474-g69b06d0 maintenance
  00063944featurenew2020-05-26get rid of 32 bit engine builds
  0006396 104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-26104.0.1-1510-g89bb8e3 maintenance win64 crash while loading
  00063956104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-17104.0.1-1464-g4f428c8 | lobby message makes game crash
  00063932104.0 +gitmajornew2020-05-14Units fail to see enemies inside LOS even with radar coverage
  00063616minorassigned (abma)2020-05-14keep the last n builds
  00062257104.0 +gitminornew2020-05-14spring-develop fails at switching shadows with '/shadows blabla'
  00063731104.0 +gitminornew2020-05-14Units not spawning
  00063833104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-14Spring crashes when loading the map Violet Rampart 1.2 on windows
  0006275 104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-14104.0.1-1333-gce618bd maintenance Failed to allocate memory
  00062522104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-14104.0.1-1305-gf2c1261 maintenance Failed to allocate memory
  00063912104.0 +gitmajornew2020-05-11Spring.Reload no longer detects that files have been changed with an archive
  00063921104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-05-11[Watchdog] Hang detection triggered for Spring 104.0 on Fedora
  0006390 104.0 +gitminornew2020-05-10Using VFS.UseArchive to load an already loaded map or game will sometimes crash the engine
  00063821104.0 +gitminorresolved (gajop)2020-05-10autoTargetRangeBoost ignored for Cannon weapons
  00063301tweakresolved (gajop)2020-05-09Install into ~/.spring/engine when compiling from source
  00063891104.0 +gitcrashresolved (gajop)2020-05-09104.0.1-1486-gf266c81 maintenance /aicontrol
  0006388 104.0 +gittrivialnew2020-05-07Build issues on Fedora 31: Z_BEST_COMPRESSION/Z_DEFLATED not declared in this scope
  0006387 104.0 +gitmajornew2020-05-05104.0+ | fighter aircraft attack runs sometime go way past the target and even refuse to turn if ordered to move
  00063842104.0 +gitmajornew2020-05-04104.0.1-1464-g4f428c8 | lasercannons get less range than what the weapondef says
  0006386 104.0 +gitfeaturenew2020-05-04104.0+ | lasercannons and beamlasers should have a way to specify how far they'll go before disappearing
  00063811minorresolved (abma)2020-05-02SpringFiles: new maps not appearing via API
  00063791104.0blocknew2020-04-15[Watchdog] Hang detection triggered for Spring 104.0.1-1477-g8ecf38a maintenance.
  0006380 104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-04-14Spring crashes when loading png texture > 2048x2048
  00063703104.0 +gitcrashresolved (hokomoko)2020-04-11104.0.1-1435-g79d77ca maintenance Common save game crash
  0006377 minorresolved (hokomoko)2020-04-11CircuitAI update
  000634051104.0 +gitmajorresolved (hokomoko)2020-04-10Significant reduction in FPS with scroll/zoom on maps with rough terrain
  00063596104.0 +gitminornew2020-04-10Stuttering with craterareaofeffect
  0006378 104.0 +gitcrashnew2020-04-07maint 1474 crash on unload?
  00063761104.0 +gitminornew2020-04-02Impossible to map (VFS.MapArchive) archives inside subfolders
  00063751104.0 +gitmajorresolved (abma)2020-03-30Latest maintenance build cannot be downloaded with pr-downloader
  00063743104.0 +gitminorresolved (gajop)2020-03-26Nanoframes decloak units
  00061113104.0 +gittweaknew2020-03-18cmake -DOpenGL_GL_PREFERENCE="GLVND" && make spring fails to link with: undefined reference to 'gl...' (OpenGL)
  0006368 104.0 +gitmajornew2020-02-13Game is Stack in Starting Frame after start
  0006367 104.0 +gitfeaturenew2020-02-13Feature: Modify unit track settings on the fly
  00061994104.0 +gitfeaturenew2020-02-11More control over unit-unit repulsion force and distance
  00063664104.0 +gitminorfeedback2020-02-09desync: Spring 104.0.1-1445-g04e4ef8 maintenance + Spring: 1944 test-5528-78a3345 + 1944_Terra_Firma
  00063625104.0 +gitmajornew2020-02-05Performance regression from 104.0.1-1453-ga17a11a to 104.0.1-1455-g39f8fbd
  00063631104.0 +gitminornew2020-02-04104.0.1-1429-g1add37c maintenance | factories stop building despite having build queue set
  0006365 104.0 +gitmajornew2020-02-01104.0.1-1429-g1add37c | push resistant units get stuck in each other
  00063642minorresolved (abma)2020-01-30driver crash not detected as driver crash
  00063571104.0 +gitfeaturenew2020-01-09MoveCtrlNotify for SetLimits
  00063583104.0 +gitminorresolved (abma)2020-01-06spring doesn't build because of OpenAL errors
  00062871104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06104.0.1-1378-g00fda18_maintenance |black square around some CEG effects
  0003310291.0trivialresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06[Request] One default for ownerExpAccWeight
  00062931104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintenance Plane flies off the edge of the map forever
  00062911104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintenance Incorrect sounds when loading saved games
  00063031104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06adding/changing cursors via widget
  00062962104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06104.0.1-1383-ga0129db maintence "Creating Smooth Height Mesh" crash
  00063043104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2020-01-06104.0.1-1398-g7442945 maintenance | non-upright units flicker between sloped and upright positions on slopes