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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00006642minorresolved (Kloot)2007-10-25Pausing the game before commanders apper will prevent the game from starting after unpausing
  00006583crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-16Crash in CBuilderCAI::IsUnitBeingReclaimedByFriend(..)
  00001663majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-10-14Clients de-sync when dragging out large areas of build orders
  00004053minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-13NanoFrames don't show the metal they are producing as the decomopse
  00006494minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-13[PATCH] Unitsync Extra functions, doxygen, and extra archivescanner data
  00006533minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-10-12!!Units don't move/attack... etc in SVN versions when recording with F10!!
  00006541trivialresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-10[patch] Fixes LaserProjectile end rendering
  00000555crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-09-30Bluescreen of Death crash when units thrown out of map.
  00003002minorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-29Building objects underwater
  00005996majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-28crash in kickplayer during replay
  000062810minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-09-27D-gun behaviour is not right
  00006471minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-27changing speed during replays doesn't work
  00002873minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-27Tab zoom in zooms directly to the point over the mouse rather than pointing at it
  00001528featureresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-27.setmaxspeed x has no effect in replay (replay, speed)
  00005815minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-09-27replays don't work
  00004311majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-24Network connection problem: Game frozen for the player but not for the host
  00006331featureresolved (ILMTitan)2007-09-24[PATCH] Unitsync GetArchivePath()
  00006423minorresolved (ILMTitan)2007-09-24Clean flying!
  00006452minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-09-23regression: connecting to server showing up again when starting without a script
  00006432majorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-22Game Crashes mid way through game
  000063015featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-09-22Patch for 2 new transport unload methods
  00006402featureresolved (Kloot)2007-09-21[patch]Make ALPHA_THRESHOLD apply to exploded pieces
  00006392featureresolved (Kloot)2007-09-20Patch to add reclaimTime tag
  00006055featureresolved (Kloot)2007-09-20[patch] get/set ALPHA_THRESHOLD
  00006351featureresolved (Kloot)2007-09-16[patch] BeamBurst tag
  00006344majorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-162 Dualscreen bugfixes + new .springrc tag "fullscreenEdgeMove"
  00006321featureresolved (Kloot)2007-09-14[patch] Dancing Missiles
  00001454minorresolved (tvo)2007-09-12Collision/movement/whatever-they-are spheres don't move in line with the S3O objects they represent
  00004111minorresolved (tvo)2007-09-11Upon trying to watch a replay I get "Network error in CPreGame: Unknown net msg in client 27" error
  000055320featureresolved (tvo)2007-09-11[patch] AimFromWeapon, fixedLauncher and other tweaks
  00006261minorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-07Getting more metal out of a wreck using gradual reclaim and firepower ;)
  00006242crashresolved (trepan)2007-09-05Spring crashes when using SetUnitHealth(unit.ID, {build = 1.0}) on a unit under construction in Lua
  00006221minorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-03Screenshot Only Takes Lefthand Screen
  00006211majorresolved (Kloot)2007-09-02[patch] Build failure with gcc4.2
  00006192crashresolved (Kloot)2007-09-02[patch] Fix AAI crash
  00006079minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-31Hovercraft forget MAX_SPEED
  00005751featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-31[patch] Allow some control over fire at crashing planes
  00006132featureresolved (Kloot)2007-08-29[patch] Beamlaser fade-out
  00006113minorresolved (tvo)2007-08-28Ressurected commander does not have resource storage
  00001881minorresolved (tvo)2007-08-27Plants try to repair units and they shouldn't
  00006092majorresolved (Kloot)2007-08-27Voidwater
  00005936majorresolved (Kloot)2007-08-22White Groundscars and Footprints
  00006042majorresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-22Compile error on Ubuntu/Gutsy
  00005973crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-18Crashes when attempting to deslect via minimap
  00005941crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-18crash: unloading aircraft from hover transport
  00005951minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-17beamlaser ignores collidefriendly=0
  00005871minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-15Unclear error reporting (with patch)
  00005435minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-14aircraft crashing getting stuck
  00005726featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-13[patch] build once
  00005825crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-08-13GroupAI selection/deselection crash