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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00007361minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-12-28Immediate desync when comsharing vs 2 allied bots.
  00007321textresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-25[patch] Changelog additions to r5104
  00007302textresolved (LordMatt)2007-12-24[Patch] : docs update
  00007162majorresolved (tvo)2007-12-21[patch] Trees reclaim far too fast
  00007173majorresolved (tvo)2007-12-21Can't give commands on minimap
  00007212majorresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-20Ships get stuck in the ship yard on little hill (after yard has build assist) (BA 6.0)
  00005981minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-12-19crash in throw
  00001591minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-12-19Flatten ground bug
  00007151majorresolved (Kloot)2007-12-19Units restrictions make spring crash
  00003402trivialresolved (tvo)2007-12-18Minimap covers part of the GUI
  00001772minorresolved (tvo)2007-12-18Buildings built at the extreme right and/or bottom edges of the map "move" after they are built.
  00007071minorresolved (tvo)2007-12-18Configuration fails in case zip has version like "x.y" and not "x.y.z"
  00007103majorresolved (Kloot)2007-12-17regression: construction aircraft behaviour is broken (overshoot)
  00007114majorresolved (tvo)2007-12-16regression: in demo replay nothing is visible until a manual .cheat .spectator
  00006892featureresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-16[patch] COB: get KILL_UNIT (125)
  00007082majorresolved (Kloot)2007-12-14Paralyzed units that are ramed cannot be hit.
  00007091majorresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-14SVN 4996: Units don't move.
  00006361featureresolved (tvo)2007-12-11[patch] new feature
  00007041trivialresolved (tvo)2007-12-11MapConv won't compile with boost 1.34.1
  00006902featureresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-09[patch] get play_sound: gives the ability to play sounds from cob that aren't heard by everyone
  00006991featureresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-09[patch] limit weapon leading distance
  00007002featureresolved (KDR_11k)2007-12-09[patch] more CEG opcodes
  00006963minorresolved (Kloot)2007-12-04team 0 start pos always seems to be top left corner regardless of choice
  00006981minorresolved (Kloot)2007-12-04Ground based transports unable to unload on maps that are taller than they are wide
  00006931featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-22[patch] alwaysVisible tag for weapons
  00006791minorresolved (tvo)2007-11-19Aircraft flares are not working
  00006843featureresolved (Kloot)2007-11-18[patch] additional CEG functions
  00006761crashresolved (tvo)2007-11-17unitsync: DotfileHandler: Could not lock config file
  00004967majorresolved (Kloot)2007-11-17Arced missile weapons don't compensate for height
  00006741minorresolved (Kloot)2007-11-15Missle based Gunships can't attack the ground.
  00006831textresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-15More changelog additions
  00006811featureresolved (tvo)2007-11-15[patch] ConfigHandler access from Unitsync
  00006821textresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-11-14Changelog additions
  00006662minorresolved (Kloot)2007-11-14Units in factories don't obey angular translations of the QueryBuildInfo piece
  000067512featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-14[patch] BlockShotX can force a retarget
  00006732majorresolved (tvo)2007-11-04planes getting extra health instead of crashing
  00001803minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-03beamlasers don't follow burstfire tag.
  00006721featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-03ProximityPriority tag
  00006671featureresolved (imbaczek)2007-11-03COB: set ACTIVATION fix
  00006701minorresolved (Kloot)2007-11-03SVN: cegTag doesn't work for ballistics
  00006415minorresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-29set HEADING doesn't seem to update piece positions for emit-sfx
  00002441minorresolved (tvo)2007-10-29Basic water Stretches on non-square maps
  00005735featureresolved (tvo)2007-10-29[patch] Aircraft crashing control via COB set/get
  00006651minorresolved (Kloot)2007-10-28[SVN rev 4652] cegTag makes projectiles stand still
  00006611featureresolved (tvo)2007-10-28[patch]scrolling lasers
  00006483trivialresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-28[patch] missile and starburst texture 2 only applied to the first segment of the trail
  00006631featureresolved (tvo)2007-10-28[PATCH] Installer script modifications
  00006642minorresolved (Kloot)2007-10-25Pausing the game before commanders apper will prevent the game from starting after unpausing
  00006583crashresolved (imbaczek)2007-10-16Crash in CBuilderCAI::IsUnitBeingReclaimedByFriend(..)
  00001663majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2007-10-14Clients de-sync when dragging out large areas of build orders