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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000101850.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-23 CGlobalAITestScript gets executed as a default script
  000102020.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-23lasers can't hit small units
  00010112majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-21[0.77 branch] clients receive no indication when server quits
  0001009 blockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-21[0.77 branch] some players can't talk in pregame
  00010101blockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-21[0.77 branch] all players list as "no name"
  00010031majorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-17[SVN TRUNK R6267] certain units do not die after being destroyed a certain way
  000100110.76b1+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-17build continues when builder is paralyzed
  000099430.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-13Screen resolution is forced to 1024 x 768
  00008731minorresolved (KDR_11k)2008-08-11Units consider any weapon enough instead of using weapon1
  00008602majorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-10SVN: Colliding projectiles explode in front of target
  000099210.76b1+svnblockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-05you are default allied with your enemies
  000097750.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-07-13[SVN6151] Multiple Spring installations on windows
  000095910.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-07-11Warning during compile
  00009761trivialresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-07-11removing retundant things
  00009741tweakresolved (Kloot)2008-07-09[patch] CR_DECLARE_STRUCT for FeatureDef
  00008191minorresolved (LordMatt)2008-07-06LUA missiontest uses hardcoded XTAPE.sdz filename
  00007473minorresolved (LordMatt)2008-07-06Aircrafts can get stuck on eachother
  000097010.76b1crashresolved (Kloot)2008-07-04Waterdamage causes crash
  000096730.76b1+svnfeatureresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-07-04cleaning...
  000096920.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-07-04trunk/tools/DedicatedServer/GameSetup.cpp:236: error: 'aiDlls' was not declared in this scope
  000063813majorresolved (Kloot)2008-06-27Severe Graphical Corruption When Placing Buildings
  000096320.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-06-21[SVN 6048] Checksum calculation problem on Linux AMD64
  00009641minorresolved (Kloot)2008-06-20[patch] AI cheat interface message
  000095650.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-06-19GetUnitHealth always returns 0
  000095520.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-06-18Cannot host and spectate
  000095830.76b1tweakresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-06-18setmaxspeed / 0 speed
  000094630.76b1+svncrashresolved (Kloot)2008-06-18SVN R5983: crash in AddDeathDependence following attack order from AirCAI
  000093430.76b1featureresolved (ILMTitan)2008-06-15FreeBSD 7.0-STABLE support in the build system [patch]
  00009531minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-06-13[patch] Minor changes to start script
  00006952minorresolved (LordMatt)2008-06-07Dual Screen Bug With Free Look Scroll Mode (click middle mouse to get crosshair)
  00009407featureresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-05-25add CMake as another build option
  00008421minorresolved (tvo)2008-05-21CollideFriendly = 0 does not work on lightning weapons.
  000091910.76b1+svnminorresolved (tvo)2008-05-21archive scanner sometimes returns -1 as an archive checksum
  000093780.76b1+svnmajorresolved (tvo)2008-05-21[SVN 5893] Checksum calculation problem
  000093660.76b1+svncrashresolved (Kloot)2008-05-19can't build with last stable scons 0.98.3 version
  000092420.76b1+svnminorresolved (LordMatt)2008-05-15[SVN 5853] Solid-color 3DO models show as black
  000093010.76b1+svntextresolved (tvo)2008-05-10[PATCH] changelog additions for 0.76b2
  000091618majorresolved (Kloot)2008-05-09[SVN 5828] Desync during combat with inaccurate weapons
  00009221crashresolved (Kloot)2008-05-06GameSetup-type demos (sometimes) crash
  00003821minorresolved (Kloot)2008-05-05When FPSed unit flies outside map area, camera stays at map border
  000091820.76b1+svnminorresolved (ILMTitan)2008-05-04[patch] CommandQueue.h warning
  000091710.76b1+svnminorresolved (ILMTitan)2008-05-04[patch] UnitDef warning
  000091410.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-05-03AIs start positions are broken
  000091310.76b1+svncrashresolved (tvo)2008-05-01"/give all" at the edge of the map crashes Spring
  00001722minorresolved (Kloot)2008-04-30Enemy buildings, Finished building within LOS, dont leave a ghost.
  00006551minorresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] Command and CommandQueue minor changes
  00005462minorresolved (tvo)2008-04-30BA crash+stacktrace
  00009053trivialresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] WeaponDefHandler.h non-virtual destructor
  00009044trivialresolved (tvo)2008-04-30[patch] UnitDef.h non-virtual destructor
  00009101minorresolved (Kloot)2008-04-30[patch] HandleChatMsg reordering