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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001033320.76b1+svnblockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-14desync in 2v2 CA
  000112920.77b3+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-14loading multiple units onto an intruder causes invalid deallocation
  00011076blockresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-13Map Doesn't work because of excess end tag for line included in smd (this ";;")
  000109660.77b3minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-13[77b3] dedicated server crashes on /take
  000112410.77b3minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-13cmake buildsystem doesn't check at configure time the existency of openal-devel library
  000112060.77b3majorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-13Aircraft fuel is not working
  000112390.77b3blockresolved (Kloot)2008-10-13Player bonus / handicap exploit
  000111350.77b3crashresolved (Kloot)2008-10-12Movemath crash for all player in game .77B3
  00010902crashresolved (Kloot)2008-10-12movemath crash #2
  000111510.77b2minorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-12Lasers bypass target
  00011063minorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-12Mirrored explotions
  0001076110.77b2crashresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-11ground decals crash
  000107440.76b1+svnmajorresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-10Gaia does not work well
  000105270.77b2majorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-10transported units get teleported to last valid position when transporter dies
  000108920.77b2minorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-10Lots of spam appended to "no such sound: sounds/ca/cloak.wav" error
  000110030.77b2+svnminorresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-10Start boxes arent displayed
  0001101 0.77b2+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-10Console is spammed with the following messages: maxBreaking is zero for unit ...
  000109510.77b2+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-10[77b3] TAB doesn't toggle to overview mode, complains about orbit cam
  00010141majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-09[0.77 branch] installer should download springdownloader.exe
  000103220.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-09Desync in 2-player game CA
  0001078 0.77b2majorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-09[0.77b2] Invalid command spam
  000107770.77b2crashresolved (Kloot)2008-10-09LosHandler crash 77b2
  000108320.77b2crashresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-09[77b2] GiveEverythingTo Team.cpp crash
  00010661minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-10-07Changelog needs to be updated for 0.77
  000104870.76b1+svncrashresolved (zerver)2008-10-06crash with SIGSEGV (0x084210fe in get_threadnum ())
  0001063110.76b1+svncrashresolved (zerver)2008-10-06Segmentation Fault at every Start
  0001072 0.76b1+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-10-06airborne repair pads try to land on themselves
  0001073 0.76b1+svnblockresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-06"Couldnt find wreckage info" when units die
  000106820.76b1+svnminorresolved (zerver)2008-10-05r6536 causes severe performance drop on dynamic clouds
  000106710.76b1+svnblockresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-05r6522 unitsync crashes when hosting a game
  00010121blockresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-04[0.77 branch] installer should download new settings.exe
  000106530.76b1+svnminorresolved (imbaczek)2008-10-04ground decals on the left side of the screen are misaligned
  000099120.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-09-30GroundDecals are broken
  000105810.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-09-30Decals floating in midair
  000105410.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-29add a distinguisher to real spectator names in a hosted replay
  000104540.76b1+svnminorresolved (imbaczek)2008-09-20gml causes CA shaders to fail to link
  000034710minorresolved (imbaczek)2008-09-20Aircraft with "fighter" behaviors lock onto non-valid targets
  000104420.76b1+svnminorresolved (Kloot)2008-09-15BA - weird model mismatches/disappearances
  00010383minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-15syncdebug=yes doesn't compile
  000103710.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-10hosting replays doesn't work
  00010341minorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-05text blinks on the "connecting" screen
  0001019170.76b1+svnblockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-04major desyncs in all mods
  000102920.76b1+svnminorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-02CA Chicken game dont start properly in the latest svn
  00010049blockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-09-01[0.77 branch] crash while spectating 1v1 BA 6.31
  00010071blockresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-29[0.77 branch] crash when game is starting
  00010241minorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-25Lua UI
  000102330.76b1+svncrashresolved (Kloot)2008-08-25movemath crash
  000101850.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-23 CGlobalAITestScript gets executed as a default script
  000102020.76b1+svnmajorresolved (Kloot)2008-08-23lasers can't hit small units
  00010112majorresolved (Auswaschbar)2008-08-21[0.77 branch] clients receive no indication when server quits