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0000659Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-01-01 16:06
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
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Summary0000659: Animations are jerky / not smooth
DescriptionWhen playing over network (not local), all animations are jerky. When playing local (or beeing host) they are perfectly smooth.

Guessed Reason:
About 4 NETMSG_NEWFRAME's are bundled in one UDP-packet. The game executes all new frames first and then continue drawing, resulting in bumping units / nanos.
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tvo (reporter)

Will you look at this yourself or should I take a look sometime?


Auswaschbar (reporter)

I don't have time to look at it atm, so if you have some time it would be nice when you take a look.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Last edited: 2007-11-24 19:41

I did some further investigations:
- its not that bad (== its not worse than in previous versions)
- its only worse when i run 2 instances on the same computer (maybe related to slower framerate)
- when units move straightforward, I don't recognize lag at all
- units stutter only when rotating, changing directions etc.
- in demos, the amount of stuttering is the same
- it gets better the higher the gamespeed is (and it is worst on lowest speed), probably because more gameframes are executed per time


KDR_11k (reporter)

Try having Tombom host, that leads to stuttery animations too.


Pendrokar (reporter)

Are these bugs related? - http://spring.clan-sy.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=13069


Auswaschbar (reporter)

It seems to be better after I decreased the time waiting data was buffered before sending. The downside is it increased the network load, but the current value seems a good choice to me.

Please comment...


imbaczek (reporter)

IMHO 20 packets/sec should be the default, currently there is some jerkiness noticeable. Also, if 30 packets/sec wouldn't be hard on the network, I'd actually prefer that.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Fixed it:
After each new frame created, the server flushes the net and sending all remaining data. This results in exactly 30 packets/s to each client at normal gamespeed (Valve's Source-Engine has a similar packet rate, so it should not be too high).

I also reverted the time the data is hold in buffer so clients send less packets.


tvo (reporter)

according to satirik animations are still jerky


tvo (reporter)

Didn't happen when someone else hosted so assuming that was not a Spring problem.


tvo (reporter)

Yet another note: satirik and I tested 0.75b2 and SVN, and 0.75b2 is apparently clearly less jerky then SVN ...

I'll try to take a look too ASAP.


tvo (reporter)

reintroduced some code that was removed in r4487, see http://spring.clan-sy.com/fisheye/changelog/Spring/?cs=5192

according to KDR_11k this it was super smooth again, but need to test some more (vs tombom or satirik). Assume it's finally entirely fixed tho, unless I add more notes :-)

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