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0000496Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-11-17 19:30
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Summary0000496: Arced missile weapons don't compensate for height
DescriptionAny missile weapon with TrajectoryHeight=1 ignores height differences when guiding its missile along the arc. Additionally, values like 2 for TrajectoryHeight cause the missile to fall short.

This makes accurate rocket artillery useless when there are height differences involved. It also eliminates the higher position advantage artillery supposedly has bwecause, well, if you're in a higher position you don't hit jack.

Reproduction: Take a unit with arced, unguided missiles (with no wobble, preferrably), place it on a hill, make it shoot at the ground or a small unit below the hill. Observe the difference between the target position and the actual impact (the missile flies too far). Exchange the shooter and target positions (target on hill, shooter below), the missile falls short. Take a bunch of arced missile units, repeat the experiment. Notice that their missiles all travel through the target position at the height the shooting unit is at.
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tvo (reporter)

Which unit of which mod does have an an arced unguided missile without wobble?

(I don't know enough mods out of my head so giving real steps to reproduce would be useful.. ie. use mod X and do .give Y)


KDR_11k (reporter)

Yeah, I have a hard time thinking of one right now, back in 74b3 the Gundam gtank was perfectly accurate. I'll upload a modified Kernel Panic, use the pointer unit. I like the NarrowValley map for demonstrating extreme height differences.


Decimator (reporter)

Expand and Exterminate .23 uses unguided arcing missiles for URC LVL2 and 3 artillery.

These units have innaccurate weapons, but no wobble.

urcspider2g2 - The level 2 URC artillery
urcjaguarr2 - The level 3 URC artillery.


Kloot (developer)

I've committed a fix for this in r4807,
but I'm not entirely pleased with the
results (it works reasonably well for
those EE units, but Arm Ravens in eg.
XTA seem a little worse off). Let me
know if this negatively affects mod
balance in any way.


KDR_11k (reporter)

Nope, try it with the attached KP version, the shots are still off but now the same error appears in all shots, even shots without height difference (guess: the error seems to be equal to the offest of the launcher compared to the center or aim piece)


Kloot (developer)

The overshoot in KP was being caused by the
greater speed of the Pointer's missiles, so
I've made the trajectory correction factor
speed-dependant. It still won't win a prize
for elegance though, I'll try to come up with
a smoother adjustment method.


Kloot (developer)

Trajectory changes are now less obviously
linear, and I have not seen any remaining
cases of under- or overshooting in KP or
other mods with fast missiles. Marking this
as resolved again, but feel free to reopen
if you discover something unsavory.

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