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0000752Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-31 13:44
Assigned Totvo 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000752: [patch] Changelog to r5187
Descriptionchangelog done up to r5187
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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  • patch file icon changelogfixpatch.patch (3,312 bytes) 2007-12-31 13:30 -
    Index: changelog.txt
    --- changelog.txt	(revision 5187)
    +++ changelog.txt	(working copy)
    @@ -60,7 +60,13 @@
     - Disabled recursive directory scanning for .sdd and omitted files within  .../hidden/*  directories from the scan 
     - Added ai unloading after team is destroyed. 
     - Installer greatly improved - all content is downloaded from the internet based on which mods and maps you 
    -  choose to install. No more updating installer.
    +  choose to install. No more updating installer. 
    +- Added the following original content mods to the installer (downloads):
    +  -Gundam
    +  -Kernel Panic
    +  -Evolution
    +  -Spring: 1944
    +  -Simbase 
     - allow GlobalAIs to send a startposition 
     - Bump the unit-limit to 10000
     - Added the following unitsync calls:
    @@ -69,6 +75,9 @@
      - Valid maps are listed in the mod's "ValidMaps.lua" file
      - A valid map count of 0 means that any map can be used with the mod
      - This can be used in concert with LuaRules to setup multi-player scenarios and tutorials 
    +- Gap removal in GameSetup, players/teams/allyteams can now be given\
    +  with gaps in the numbering, e.g. PLAYER10 and PLAYER14 in an  1 vs 1.
    +  Ordering does still matter.
     User Interface:
     - Added the CTRL modifier to area reclaims to allow reclaiming your own wrecks 
    @@ -311,6 +320,11 @@
       means planes start matching their factory's heading right
       after taking off from the pad, false means they maintain
       the heading of the pad until reaching wantedHeight. 
    +- added [CONSTRUCTION] section to Modruless.tdf:
    +  constructionDecay (bool, default true): Should constructions decay if noone is working on them?
    +  constructionDecayTime (float, default 6.66): How long until the decay starts?
    +  constructionDecaySpeed (float, default 0.03): The speed of the decay, 
    +  whereby buildTime*decaySpeed = time for a total decay so higher = slower decay
    @@ -467,6 +481,17 @@
     - Fixed the bug where a repair order on a construction whose terraforming is 
       incomplete will start construction anyway. 
     - Fixed units terraforming the ground under units being built by factories.
    +- Added some protection against .wav's whose headers contain a garbage datalen 
    +  (was causing SEGV's with XTA 9.2)
    +- Change lots of printf calls to logOutput.Print
    +- Server flushes the network buffer after each new frame created to decrease lag and stuttering units 
    +- Don't send NETMSG_GAMEOVER when watching a demo with only 1 allyteam left 
    +- Throw content_error if a mod/map archive can not be found instead of only
    +  printing a warning in the log.  This should stop the 'missing default cursor'
    +  message actually meaning 'missing a mod archive'
    +- Added minimap ping on game start and set lastMsgPos to something meaningful.
    +  Notably this fixes F3 zooming to top left corner before something interesting happens.
    +- Fixed crash when singlestep was executed in client mode 
     - Added call-in gl.Smoothing(point, line, polygon)
    @@ -683,7 +708,9 @@
     - Added protection against brute force attacks on accounts
     - New ban system using MySQL	
     - No more autoban on flooding - just a kick
    +- Added protection against "CLIENTSTATUS command spam" exploit
     - Fixed possible crash while waiting for connection to the host.
    patch file icon changelogfixpatch.patch (3,312 bytes) 2007-12-31 13:30 +




tvo (reporter)

Thank you!


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