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0000735Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-29 20:00
Assigned Toimbaczek 
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000735: replays of scripted games (with GameSetup) don't work
Descriptiontwo modes of failure:
1. host-recorded replay - loads but doesn't do anything (waiting for players/choose start pos waits forever)
2. client-recorded - "Wrong connection ID in CNet::IsActiveConnection()"
Additional Information[19:38] baczek: Auswaschbar: replays don't work, this time with scripted games
[19:38] Auswaschbar: baczek: any error message?
[19:38] baczek: two modes of failure:
[19:39] baczek: 1. host-recorded replay - loads but doesn't do anything (waiting for players/choose start pos waits forever)
[19:39] baczek: 2. client-recorded - isActiveConnection error
[19:40] baczek: or the other way around, don't know which dir has which replays
[19:41] Auswaschbar: do both of them contain gameSetup scripts?
[19:41] baczek: yes
[19:43] tvo: Auswaschbar: no rendering happens if incoming network buffer has too much data right?
[19:44] tvo: baczek / Auswaschbar client recorded gives isActiveConnection error yeah
[19:44] tvo: "Wrong connection ID in CNet::IsActiveConnection()"
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Auswaschbar (reporter)

1. got fixed (I tested it)
2. I hope I fixed it, please test again (I can't do it at the moment because of only 1 working PC)


imbaczek (reporter)

testing now (nb I test using just one box and two spring instances.)


imbaczek (reporter)

tested. some commands get lost (same in host- and client-recorded demos.)

attaching ES 0.5 demo. top left fighter gate should be completed (and was completed in the real game.)


imbaczek (reporter)

update: i think the reason for that gate not being completed is that coms were spawned before choosing start positions in the replay. Distance is different, so command to stop is issued before construction completes.


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Got fixed

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