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0000676Spring engineLinuxpublic2007-11-17 20:34
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000676: unitsync: DotfileHandler: Could not lock config file
DescriptionI get this message when I point springlobby to /usr/games/lib64/spring/unitsync.so, but the lobby seems to cope with it.

I also get that error when I launch spring from the command line, and spring terminates.
Additional InformationI guess the cause is that I have the config folder on an nfs mount, so file locks are unavailable.

To solve this problem, I commented out the relevant sections in DotfileHandler.cpp and rebuilt spring. Once I pointed springlobby to the new spring executable and unitsync.so library, the error messages disappeared and spring was able to start without any problems.
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tvo (reporter)

it's not an error anymore now if locking fails

thanks for the bug report

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