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0000710Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-12-17 00:12
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Summary0000710: regression: construction aircraft behaviour is broken (overshoot)
DescriptionConstruction aircrafts exhibit buggy behaviour in current SVN (and has been so for a while already, I think).

For example, if you queue up multiple orders they'll often "miss" one of the waypoints, and not go back there: they'll just wait eternally at the position where they ended up after overshooting the waypoint.

The same "unstable" behaviour can be observed when con planes guard factories, they really oscillate around the factory with an amplitude that's about twice as big as their build range, so they can only assist about half the time. The other half they are "orbitting" too far away from the factory...
Steps To ReproduceIn XTA v9.1, build aircraft plant, build some con planes.

Queue up some random move orders, not all planes will arrive at the last waypoint.

Or have them guard the plant and watch them oscillate around it. Same applies to reclaiming enemy stuff / basically everything the conplane can do.. it just oscillates around the destination so much that it can't actually perform it's task half the time because it's out of range.
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KDR_11k (reporter)

Heh, con planes running away from the factory was a bug in OTA, too.


Kloot (developer)

Last edited: 2007-12-16 18:24

Tracked this down to the changes made to
TAAirMoveType.cpp in r4424 (I've reverted
them until I can take a closer look).


Kloot (developer)

Update: only one change turned out to be
problematic (it was intended to prevent
TAAirMoveType aircraft from slowing down
as they approach intermediate waypoints,
but worked a little too well), the others
had no ill effects AFAICS. Marking this as

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