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0006433Spring engineGeneralpublic2021-04-24 09:21
Assigned Toabma 
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Summary0006433: mumble.springrts.com post-move maintenance
DescriptionCurrently, mumble only has the single top level channel (Root), and nobody is able to make permanent rooms or recreate some of the structure from the old server.

Ideally, the channel structure and registrations from the old server would be imported, or people would be able to create permanent channels again.
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abma (administrator)

hmm, mumble for some reason truncated the database, i try to reimport it, sorry for the disconnect :-|


abma (administrator)

are the rooms / channels / whatever back?


esainane (reporter)

Yes, everything seems to be back to normal now. Thank you!


abma (administrator)

thanks for reporting!

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