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0006430Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-12-20 19:32
Assigned Toabma 
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Summary0006430: mumble.springrts.com maintenance (Dec 2020)
DescriptionThe certificate for mumble.springrts.com has expired.

Common Name: mumble.springrts.com
Valid from: Wed Sep 9 20:09:43 2020 GMT
Valid to: Tue Dec 8 20:09:43 2020 GMT
Serial: 30333a36613a33653a66343a3265a63353a38343a32653a66643a61363a39383a30323a34643a36653a3923a34623a66353a3936
Public Key: 2048 bits RSA
Digest (SHA-1): B0:72:F5:8D:B0:AD:1E:44:0F:5E:47:23:39:4B:0E:28:95:7B:41:75
Digest (SHA-256): EB:AF:61:67:69:B3:6F:DE:F8:BF:5C:99:3F:A8:4B:8B:2D:46:5A:EF:E9:E3:71:0D:79:74:7C:7F:B7:4C:7A:20
DNS: mumble.springrts.com
Additional InformationLet's Encrypt certificates expire every three months. Until very recently, Mumble did not have a way to reload SSL certificates on the fly, but it looks like this functionality is now available in 1.3.0: https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/issues/1972 https://github.com/mumble-voip/mumble/pull/2850

I have a few scripts which I use to automatically renew certificates around acmetool, if you might be interested here. They were written to restart mumble rather than to reload, but changing the restart action to use SIGUSR1 would be trivial.
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abma (administrator)

can you please test again?

i've restarted the mumble-service: the certificate was up to date, but the service didn't reload the new cert it it seems.


esainane (reporter)

It's still using the same certificate, unfortunately.


abma (administrator)


systemctl restart mumble-server.service didn't work! the service was not restarted.

i changed the monthly auto restart to this:


systemctl stop mumble-server.service
sleep 1
killall -9 murmurd
sleep 1
systemctl start mumble-server.service

hopefully this is more robust :-)

thanks for reporting!

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