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0006419Spring engineGeneralpublic2020-08-20 22:38
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Summary0006419: Add support to rotate a CEG particle along time
DescriptionCurrently the CEGs particle can not be explicitly rotated along any axis in run-time, even though some gymnastics with the 'gravity' and 'airdrag' parameters can provoke some rotation. For proper advanced particle effects it's crucial to have rotation speed and rotation speed randomization parameters exposed.
Steps To Reproduce1. Check CEG Common Properties section of the Wiki: https://springrts.com/wiki/CEG:Defs#Common_Properties
2. No particle rotation speed or rotation randomization parameters there
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IceXuick (reporter)

This is a must-have for "level 2" particle fx.
And rotation should be in the engine, since the Wake-ParticleEffect already has this, but this isn't recognized as a Ceg particle.

So please add option for absolute positioning (not always billboard) and rotation params for Initial rotation, Initial Rotation Spread, Rotation Speed, SpeedSpread and speedup/drag (speed up or slow down the rotation).

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