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    PID # Product VersionSeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00058292104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-11-09Collada model extents calculated erroneously for Z-up models, breaking nanoframes
  00058311104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-11-08spring-headless: VBO.cpp:203: GLubyte* VBO::MapBuffer(GLintptr, GLsizeiptr, GLbitfield): Assertion `ptr != nullptr' failed.
  00058277majorresolved (abma)2017-11-07Unable to start - cannot find libunwind
  00058259104.0 +gitminorresolved (hokomoko)2017-11-04Fight command can bait units on hold position
  00058202104.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-31Lua font glitch
  00058191104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-25spring-headless: ../../rts/Rendering/GL/FBO.cpp:417: Assertion `GetCurrentBoundFBO() == fboId' failed.
  00058142104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-21104.0.1-49-g70f081f (maintenance) Unit valid construction placement check is broken
  00050554100.0+gitminornew2017-10-20'Activated' sound channel should be 'unitreply'
  00057555103.0 +gitcrashresolved2017-10-18103.0.1-1380 Spring launch hang (sound thread related?)
  00058102104.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2017-10-17SIGSEV in rts/Rendering/Fonts/glFont.cpp:1096
  00058057104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-17Water reflections break in the FPS camera mode
  00052011101.0+gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-124 different viewdistance tree icons next to eachother
  00057989104.0minorresolved (hokomoko)2017-10-12Please make the build reproducible
  00058034104.0majorresolved (Kloot)2017-10-10104.0.1-7 Major path follower regression
  00057996104.0 +gitcrashresolved (hokomoko)2017-10-06assert on LoadingMT=1
  00057911104.0minorresolved (hokomoko)2017-10-03Spring.SelectUnitArray cant select enemy units when /godmode enabled
  00054683103.0majorresolved2017-10-01Spectator lags whole game out.
  000567614103.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-30Chat gets corrupted
  00057902104.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2017-09-29Set more parameters in Spring.SetTerrainTypeData
  00057832104.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-28103.0.1-1484 - Hang detection activates for "not enough free space on drive"
  00057892104.0minorresolved (hokomoko)2017-09-28Assertion `Threading::IsMainThread()' failed.
  00057741103.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-25widget:DrawScreen[Post]() unexpected behaviour
  0003481 92.0minorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24UnitID not flushed on cloak + jam
  00034522minorresolved (zerver)2017-09-24Freestyle camera slight stuttering/resist rapid zoom-in/out in 91.0.1-1323 (OMP)
  00036035crashresolved (abma)2017-09-2493.1 assimp .dae new model crash spring
  0003636 94.1trivialresolved (abma)2017-09-24Confusing English in infolog warning
  00035241193.0crashresolved (jK)2017-09-24crash with 3DTrees enabled
  00052204101.0+gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24Ability to spawn wake effects from gadget directly
  00052145101.0featureresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24New lua event callin to support fog widgets / gadgets
  0004413897.0.1+gitminorresolved (cleanrock)2017-09-24widget:GameProgress() was no longer called for rejoining player
  0003341491.0minorresolved (jK)2017-09-24Explosion() not called in water
  0003329 91.0minorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24Spring.SetUnitVelocity() cannot work for x,z direction
  0003995 94.1.1+gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24Commander cannot dgun into water
  00036295minorresolved (abma)2017-09-24BA 7.73 buildmenu cursor falter
  00055192minorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24Pathfinder gets stuck trying to build buildings below cliffs
  00057281103.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24Factories that have CanBeAssisted=false can only be built by one construction unit at a time (Spring 104RC2)
  00035352minorresolved (jK)2017-09-24GetUnitSensorRadius do not match SetUnitSensorRadius
  00057593103.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-24103.0.1-1408 Pathfinding infinite loop issues
  00057783103.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2017-09-22103.0.1-1408 - finalizing PFS crash
  00054081featureresolved (Kloot)2017-09-20make splash screen screen fully customizeable
  0005694 103.0 +gitmajorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-20103.0.1-1253 Allocator deadlock
  0005773 103.0minornew2017-09-19Different and hardly predictible behaviour of planes when alt < cruisealt
  00056061minorresolved (abma)2017-09-18postlove bug / misconfigured?!
  00057641103.0 +gitfeatureresolved (Kloot)2017-09-17Drag area commands off the edge of the map
  00057631103.0 +gitcrashresolved (Kloot)2017-09-16buffer overflow in rts/ExternalAI/AICallback.cpp:1268
  000572311103.0 +gitminorfeedback2017-09-14Possible performance issue in Sim::Script
  000575418103.0 +gitcrashresolved (hokomoko)2017-09-13103.0.1-1336 Load crash with only half a stacktrace
  00043191196.0.1+gitmajorresolved2017-09-13invalid handling of CMD_RECLAIM / BuilderCAI.cpp:1567
  00057561103.0 +gitminorresolved (Kloot)2017-09-10Tracking is broken in the Free Camera
  00057534springrts.comminornew2017-09-10Move Engine documentation