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0006444Spring engineGeneralpublic2022-01-11 22:03
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Summary0006444: --gen-fontconfig does nothing
DescriptionOn windows, invoking `spring.exe --gen-fontconfig` is supposed to take some time and then generate a font substitution cache.

This does not seem to occur when attempted. Spring just returns very quickly and refuses to render CJK characters on next run.

Additionally, to get any text output while running Spring on windows requires invoking the commands via spring-headless.
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abma (administrator)

$ spring -gen-fontconfig
[GenFontConfig] creating fontconfig for directory "/etc/fonts/"

so, a single dash seems correct?!


Anarchid (reporter)

Interesting. Which version of Windows are you using, and what version of Spring? I've had two different people test with Win10 @ Spring 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f, and for both non-headless version printed nothing.

"/etc/fonts" seems like a really weird folder for Windows.Can you verify that font substitution works for you after invoking this? e.g. if you have chinese/korean/japanese fonts on your OS, do they also render in Spring if you e.g. copy text into ingame chat?


abma (administrator)

i'm using debian 11, so the path is correct.

did you try with a single dash?

afaik on windows

$ spring ... | more

shows the output in cli.


Anarchid (reporter)

> i'm using debian 11, so the path is correct.

The issue is with windows. --gen-fontconfig is superfluous on linux systems which do have fontconfig; font substitution already works out of the box. It does not work on windows out of the box, which requires deliberate generation of fontconfig cache to enable font substitiution. This is a long process, so it's been moved to the CLI param.

It looks like the CLI param is not working on windows, which makes it useless.

> did you try with a single dash?

Yes. Both single and double dash does nothing.

> afaik on windows $ spring ... | more shows the output in cli.

Perhaps it should, but it doesn't. As mentioned before, even spring.exe --help returns nothing on windows, as opposed to spring-headless.exe --help, which prints help.


abma (administrator)

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did you try

spring.exe -help | more

this definitly worked some time ago on windows. i don't have windows any more, so can't test this. spring-headless is compiled as cli application, thats why it works there.


spring.exe -gen-fontconfig > output.txt

or to verify output capture:

spring.exe -version > output.txt

should work and write to output.txt.


Anarchid (reporter)

> spring.exe -gen-fontconfig > output.txt

This caused spring to try to generate a cache, thanks!

Now to see if it actually makes fontsub work :)


Anarchid (reporter)

Looks like font substitution is not working despite invocation of --gen-fontconfig, see attached screenshot, in which
- at least one CJK font is installed on the system
- said font works in the browser, likely via font substitution
- a message in chinese sent lobby->lobby does not render in lobby
- this same message renders when viewed on discord via lobby->discord bridge, meaning it's not an encoding issue

Again, this is a windows-specific issue; all of this works out of the box on any linux system.

The commit that demoted fontconfig generation to a CLI param has some comments that imply parts of it may be no-ops; that said i'm not familiar with the stuff enough to say if that's relevant.


abma (administrator)

commit is https://github.com/spring/spring/commit/2225f0f1cf68870167bd606666a61d01c11b4f09 i guess.

any change with spring 106.0? a LOT of stuff was changed since 104.0.

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