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0006440Spring engineGeneralpublic2021-08-18 13:42
Assigned Toabma 
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Summary0006440: mumble.springrts.com certificate has expired
Description[17:31:51] Server connection failed: Server is not responding to TCP pings.
[17:32:01] Reconnecting.
[17:32:03] SSL Verification failed: The certificate has expired

Common Name: mumble.springrts.com
Valid from: Sat May 8 22:31:22 2021 GMT
Valid to: Fri Aug 6 22:31:22 2021 GMT
Serial: 30343a38613a66383a32363a65313a39653a64623a30663a64363a38643a65303a34393a65303a34643a30383a64663a62393a6265
Public Key: 2048 bits RSA
Digest (SHA-1): 4D:BD:F0:CD:BC:9D:D2:2B:48:44:7A:19:C1:56:03:C5:4C:32:D1:2B
Digest (SHA-256): 22:A7:84:70:3B:2A:01:86:03:98:3E:3D:87:2C:34:A1:AC:33:04:81:C5:63:06:C6:BE:12:42:8D:7A:CA:5A:7C
DNS: mumble.springrts.com
Additional InformationMumble server versions 1.3.0 onwards will reload a certificate without needing to restart if sent SIGUSR1.

I use a cronjob that uses find "${CERTDIR}" -type f -newermt "24 hours ago" to check if there are any certificates that renewed in the past day, and sends signals to whichever services use renewed certificates.

I'm happy to dump the scripts I use somewhere if this would be helpful, though I imagine they'd be extremely simple to replicate.
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abma (administrator)

the monthly auto restart script was lost because of the migration. i've restarted murmurd: the new cert should be used now.

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