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0000558Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-07-18 17:41
Assigned Totvo 
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Summary0000558: Spring always uses a US keyboard layout
Description75b1 uses the US keyboard layout whereas 74b3 and all previous versions used the layout the computer was set to use.
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tvo (reporter)


Not all previous versions worked fine though, I recall fixing this a long time ago too :-)


tvo (reporter)

Ok, this happens to be a SDL issue, I tested three versions.

SDL 1.2.9 => broken
SDL 1.2.10 => works (and was released with 0.74b3)
SDL 1.2.11 => broken again

So I think I'll downgrade SDL for the next update, and maybe investigate more later.


tvo (reporter)

Uploaded SDL 1.2.10 to buildbot and committed necessary change to installer scripts: next installers should downgrade SDL to 1.2.10 fixing this bug.

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