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0000597Spring engineGeneralpublic2007-08-18 14:11
Assigned Toimbaczek 
PrioritynormalSeveritycrashReproducibilityhave not tried
Product Version 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000597: Crashes when attempting to deslect via minimap
DescriptionHad a bunch of BA AKs selected and tried to deselect a few of them via the minimap by holding down control and clicking and dragging. I might have hit the Windows key in error instead. Either way, the game crashed.
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Checked infolog.txt for Errors
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  • txt file icon infolog.txt (4,198 bytes) 2007-08-18 04:51 -
    Connecting to server
    Connected to using number 1
    Using script Commanders
    Map: Castles.smf
    Mod: "Balanced Annihilation V5.5" from BA55.sd7
    You are missing an OpenGL extension needed to use shadowmaps (fragment_program_shadow)
    TransportHover: 0 
    Opening map file
    Loading Map
    Loading detail textures
    Creating overhead texture
    Creating ground shading
    Loading tile file
    Reading tiles
    Reading tile map
    Creating projectile texture
    Number of damage types: 42
    Loading units and weapons
    Initializing map features
    Parsing unit icons
    Creating unit textures
    Reading estimate path costs
    Creating sky
    Spring 0.75b2
    Player [WW]Highflier joined as 0
    Player [WW]CraZZyEddie joined as 3
    Player deepseaangler joined as 1
    Player Show_Gun joined as 4
    deepseaangler added point: Start 1
    deepseaangler added point: Start 1
    Player [tN]urocK joined as 2
    [tN]urocK added point: Start 2
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  Ray?
    <deepseaangler> Allies: Ray, that you?
    ViewRadius is now 52 
    ViewRadius is now 54 
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: lol no
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  k
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: why who are u?
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  Hello, I am a deep sea angler.
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  What are you? :)
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: Im drunk
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: nice to meet u
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: :P
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  should i commbomb with you early and save us the trouble?
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: i dont cdare
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: :>
    A.K. is being attacked
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: woa
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: he took the sea?
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  yeah O_o
    A.K. is being attacked
    deepseaangler added point: take this castle ASAP
    <deepseaangler> Allies:  MOVE MOVE
    deepseaangler added point: can amph tank go here?
    Player Show_Gun left
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: mmgg
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: mhhh
    <[tN]urocK> Allies: dunno
    Crasher: Can't reach destination!
    [tN]urocK added point: hhh
    A.K. is being attacked
    A.K. is being attacked
    LLT is being attacked
    LLT is being attacked
    Spring 0.75b2 has crashed.
    Exception: Access violation (0xc0000005)
    Exception Address: 0x00a62d89
    DLL information:
    0x00400000	spring
    0x77600000	ntdll
    0x76110000	kernel32
    0x76050000	ADVAPI32
    0x75f80000	RPCRT4
    0x729f0000	dsound
    0x77550000	msvcrt
    0x77360000	USER32
    0x76f70000	GDI32
    0x761f0000	ole32
    0x74ac0000	WINMM
    0x772d0000	OLEAUT32
    0x74a80000	OLEACC
    0x75210000	POWRPROF
    0x72580000	GLU32
    0x6f3b0000	OPENGL32
    0x6f820000	DDRAW
    0x75060000	DCIMAN32
    0x76fc0000	SETUPAPI
    0x74670000	dwmapi
    0x75f50000	IMAGEHLP
    0x72eb0000	WSOCK32
    0x77740000	WS2_32
    0x77720000	NSI
    0x10000000	SDL
    0x7c340000	MSVCR71
    0x01030000	DevIL
    0x66fc0000	freetype6
    0x61b80000	zlib1
    0x00240000	glew32
    0x00270000	ILU
    0x76340000	IMM32
    0x77770000	MSCTF
    0x77730000	LPK
    0x77400000	USP10
    0x74bd0000	uxtheme
    0x02770000	ig4icd32
    0x029c0000	ig4dev32
    0x75550000	mswsock
    0x751f0000	wshtcpip
    0x75ec0000	CLBCatQ
    0x74a50000	MMDevApi
    0x76370000	SHLWAPI
    0x74c10000	comctl32
    0x74a20000	WINTRUST
    0x75860000	CRYPT32
    0x759a0000	MSASN1
    0x75d70000	USERENV
    0x75d50000	Secur32
    0x74240000	audioses
    0x741d0000	audioeng
    0x746d0000	AVRT
    0x75e20000	PSAPI
    0x723c0000	dbghelp
    (0) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x4cf329) [0x00A62D89]
    (1) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0xfcd1b) [0x0069077B]
    (2) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0xfd0e1) [0x00690B41]
    (3) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0xeac39) [0x0067E699]
    (4) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x399426) [0x0092CE86]
    (5) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x28e2c9) [0x00821D29]
    (6) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x28e5d8) [0x00822038]
    (7) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x28e809) [0x00822269]
    (8) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe(UnitDef_GetBuildOption+0x37b6e7) [0x0090F147]
    (9) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe [0x00401292]
    (10) C:\Program Files\Spring\spring.exe [0x004012DD]
    (11) C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll(BaseThreadInitThunk+0x12) [0x76153833]
    (12) C:\Windows\system32\ntdll.dll(LdrInitializeThunk+0x4d) [0x7763A9BD]
    txt file icon infolog.txt (4,198 bytes) 2007-08-18 04:51 +

related to 0000582resolvedimbaczek GroupAI selection/deselection crash 



imbaczek (reporter)

seems like something similar to 582. kloot, could you take a look?

(0) ??

(1) CMouseHandler::MouseMove(int, int)

(2) CWin32MouseInput::Update()

(3) SpringApp::Update()

(4) SpringApp::Run(int, char**)

(5) Run(int, char**)

(6) WinMain@16

(7) luabind::detail::create_class::stage2(lua_State*)

(8) ??

(9) ??

(10) ??

(11) ??

/*195*/ if(activeReceiver){
/*196*/ activeReceiver->MouseMove(x, y, dx, dy, activeButton);
/*197*/ }


Kloot (developer)

Fixed in r4221. I'd close this report if I could,
but you'll have to do the honors for me again. ;)


imbaczek (reporter)

thanks. remind yourself to tobi :>

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