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0000976Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-07-11 18:19
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
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Summary0000976: removing retundant things
Descriptionevent under lots of work sometime we got time to do the good things of the life, ;)

read CMake files in order to improve the next version os spring is one of these things.

for example, you can happily suppress the ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} from line 22 (rev 6130) of CMakeLists.txt located in /trunk; that one will be placed for free by cmake when installing. i was playing with DESTDIR and got that one.
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this line works for me (cmake cmake version 2.6-patch 0)

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Auswaschbar (reporter)

Fixed along with other improvements (executables and libraries were no longer placed in game/, but in the build-directory).

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