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0000969Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-07-04 22:18
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
Product Version0.76b1+svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000969: trunk/tools/DedicatedServer/GameSetup.cpp:236: error: 'aiDlls' was not declared in this scope
Descriptioni've updated rigth now and made a clean make (cmake . && make) in order to handle every new file and clear the CMake cache;

i don't know where aiDlls was declared, i've searched but didn't fin nothing;

maybe it's just mystyped? near that line we have aiDll...
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sombriks (reporter)

well, aiDlls seems to be an array of strings which someone forgot to commit. maybe it's under GameSetup.h (the tools/DedicatedServer one)


Auswaschbar (reporter)

The copy of GameSetup is gone now.

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