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0000747Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-07-06 20:13
Assigned ToLordMatt 
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Summary0000747: Aircrafts can get stuck on eachother
DescriptionIf you make a lot of aircrafts, e.g. 100 advanced conair in BA, and have them all move to one spot, some of them will get stuck there hovering in the air. To get them unstuck, you have to spam move orders for a while.
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P3374H (reporter)

On a moderatly related note...could we have a modrule tag to disable aircraft collision checking? Aside from the (possibly quite huge) performance boost that this would provide, I think it's rather stupid for allied patrolling planes to slowly kill eachother by colliding.


tvo (reporter)

There's a FBI tag "Collide" (boolean, default 1) for this now.


LordMatt (reporter)

This bug no longer appears to be present. It may have been fixed in BA by adding Collide=0 to aircrafts.

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