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0000963Spring engineGeneralpublic2008-06-21 21:05
Assigned ToAuswaschbar 
Product Version0.76b1+svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000963: [SVN 6048] Checksum calculation problem on Linux AMD64
DescriptionOn my ADM64 Linux system, the checksums generated in the ArchiveCacheV7.lua file are inconsistent.
I performed some tests with only the "BA621.sd7" file in "mods" directory, only the "Comet_Catcher_Redux.sd7" file in "maps" directory, and r6048 Spring base files + otacontent in "base" directory. Each time I delete the ArchiveCacheV7.lua file, the checksums generated in the new ArchiveCacheV7.lua differ from the previous ones.
I've attached 2 examples of such ArchiveCacheV7.lua files, generated with exactly the same archives files.

On my 32 bits Windows system with exactly the same Spring revision, I don't have this problem...
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Auswaschbar (reporter)

I can reproduce this bug here too (x86 linux).


Auswaschbar (reporter)

Thanks to trepan, he fixed this in rev 6057.

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