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0005945Spring engineGeneralpublic2018-04-01 13:51
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Summary0005945: Explain the meaning of Draw::World::Projectiles
DescriptionDraw::World::Projectiles seems to be high even when very little is going on. All shields in ZK are not visible so that would not be the cause. The synced projectile count indicates that no projectiles have fallen off the map, never to be destroyed. Does Draw::World::Projectiles include cegs?
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Kloot (developer)

CEGs add (unsynced) projectiles which in turn add particles.

Draw::World::Projectiles includes both projectiles and particles.

almost all types of projectiles are sorted by camera distance which can rapidly decrease performance.


Kloot (developer)

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newer maintenance builds will feature a /distsortprojectiles command to make the sorting cost measurable.

the DrawProjectile callin used by ZK is also expensive in large numbers (as are DrawUnit and DrawFeature), beware.


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