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Strategy and Tactics are best described as "Concepts on how to achieve victory". Strategy is a chosen global method of action, while tactics are short-term actions to attain specific goals. Please keep in mind that these are general real-time strategy game strategies and tactics, but some are specific to TA-based mods.

Common Strategies

Rushing - Speed Slaughter

Porcing - If I Hold Out Long Enough, I'll Be The Last Man Standing

Map Control - Everywhere At Once

Uberweapon - Nukes, LRPCS & Superunits

Expansion - The Eradication Of Base Mentality

Planned Delaying - Just Need To Slow Them Down...

The Secret Front - Victory Through Misinformation

A Good Offense is the Best Defense - Speed, No Defense

Note On Strategies
Many of the strategies listed here are not viable in all the games which run on the Spring engine. Some have more application than others, and many may seem less than relevant to many players.

Common Tactics

Commander Bombing

Commander Kidnapping



Nuclear Strike



Defensive Lines

Transports & Supply Lines

Dedicated Spamming

Classic Pincer

Air Domination

Squad Tactics

Artillery Creep

Ace In The Hole

Specific Supplements

NOTA Player's Guide

The basics of XTA

NOTA vs OTA Guide

Commander Tactics

Base Construction

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Spring Replays

Tactics For Individual Mods


Theory On Strategy

Aggressive Vs. Passive Strategy

One Vs. One Tactics & Strategy

Delaying Inevitable Defeat: Development Time

Multiplayer Strategy

Strategic, Operational & Tactical Warfare

Manored's Guide about BA units

Discussions On Strategy

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Tactics And Hills

Airdrop Efficiency


Spring Guide!

Subjects Of Study In Relation To Strategy

Comparison Of Tactics In Different Mods

Gameplay Strategy For The Mod Developer

Gameplay Strategy For The AI Developer

Gameplay Strategy For The Map Developer

External Resources

IGN: The State of the RTS has interview with Chris Taylor, the creator of OTA

Sun Tzu's The Art Of War

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