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Spring is a versatile 3D RTS game engine. Using extensively Lua for scripting game-specific code to make nearly every aspect of the engine customizable, from GUI, to unit AI, to pathfinding.

System requirements


  • 1.6 GHz single core CPU with SSE
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 128 MB graphics card (As of 104.0 OpenGL 3.0 is required meaning older integrated GPUs such as Intel G45 are not supported)
  • Roughly 500 MB of hard drive space, depending on how many maps and games you download.


  • 3 GHz dual core CPU or better
  • 2 GB of RAM or more
  • 512 MB graphics card or better
  • 5 GB of hard drive space to accommodate more maps and games

For more information on system requirements see Requirements or for help see FAQ.


  • Many different Games, made just for Spring.
  • Play online, on a LAN or offline Single Player.
  • Large battles limited only by the power of your computer; support for up to 5000 units.
  • Large, highly detailed maps in which to wage those battles, fully 3D with deformable terrain, forest fires, dynamic and reflective water, and custom skyboxes.
  • Several camera modes, allowing for anything to be viewed from almost any angle.
  • Fully 3D combat in land, sea, and air, with realistic weapon trajectories (physics engine).
  • Complex 3rd party AIs, some of which are quite good.
  • An extremely powerful UI, designed to minimize unnecessary micromanagement.
  • Utf8 font rendering
  • Frequent additions and bugfixes.

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  • Open source (GPLv2).
  • Multi-plattform (Windows & Linux, MacOSX in progress).
  • Written in C++, using OpenGL, Lua, Assimp, streflop, OpenAL, FreeType2, DevIL, SDL2, GLEW, boost, 7zip, zlib, libVorbis, libOgg, LuaSocket, squish, rgEtc1.

Content Creation

Thanks to the ability of the Spring engine to run lots of different content, it is possible to


A list of the Spring developers can be found on the Authors page.


Information about the Spring organizational structure is available at: Spring:Organization


Read the history page if you want know more about its long way.


History of Spring and its games in the press