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Feel free to edit this if you wish, but make sure to experiments with the units to make sure what you are saying is correct. The reason I am making this "Upside down" is Because the higher in the tech tree a unit is, less likely you are to know it.

Ba 5.4 units guide:

  1. General Knowlegde:

Radar detection: Units or buildings equipped with radar can detect units inside the radar range, but cannot say exactly what unit it is, only what type (Squares are buildings, circles are units, half moons are ships and little robots are commanders) The radar cannot detect things underwater, some units (Those units are most times called stealth or radar-invisible units) or units inside the range of a radar jammer.

Radar jamming: Radar doesn't detect units inside the range of a building or unit equipped with a radar jammer, even if it's a allied jammer.

Sonar detection: Sonar is like radar, but only detects units underwater or on the surface of water.

Cloaking: When a unit cloaks it becomes invisible, requiring radar to be detected. Cloaked units will become visible if they attack, come too close to a enemy unit, building or something similar. Once visible, the unit will only be able to become invisible again (or for the first time) After leaving the enemy's vision range. Units generally waste some energy then they cloak.

Stealth or radar invisible: This means that the unit/building in question cannot be detected by radar (Doesn't need jamming).

Reclaim: Builders (With the exception of minelayers) can reclaim features or units to gain its metal/energy back. If it is a feature the reclamation will happen bit by bit, but if it is a unit it will happen in form of damage until the unit is killed, then all metal/energy from it will be added to your reserves and the unit will vanish without leaving a trace.

Wreckage: Most units become wreckage then they die (Unless they self-destruct). Depending of how tough they were and how much damage they took in their last shot before death, they will either become a solid wreck, shattered wreck or vanish completely. Solid wreck blocks passages and some shots, and if no one reclaimed anything from it it can be resurrected. Shattered wreckage cannot be resurrected and doesn't blocks anything. If necessary you can make wreckage "Downgrade" (Solid > Shattered > Vanished) by damaging it, but the shot must be strong enough for the blast to touch its center.

  1. Tech 6 units: (Level 3 kbots)


Bantha (tech 3 assault kbot): The Bantha is a large, powerful kbot. It is meant for assault, but is less efficient than the large amount of tech 2 assault units you can make with the metal you spend on it. Its attack range allows it to be used as artillery, but far away from the enemy its attack power is not very high for his price. The main reason you will want to use a Bantha is that it occupies a much smaller space than a group of lv2 units.

Razorback (tech 3 battle kbot): A big, fast and powerful kbot. It is meant for attacking other units, although large swarms of lv2 units can be more efficient at this. It can also be used for assault but again other units are more efficient at this. It is quite good at raiding but by the time you manage to make one your enemy will already have good defenses so it's pointless. The main reason you will want to use this kbot is that it occupies a much smaller space than a group of lv2 units.

Marauder (tech 3 light amphibious kbot): I believe this is the smaller and cheaper lv3 unit around, but it's a nice one. It performs pretty well on assault, battle and raiding, although not as well as lv2 units you can make with his metal. It is amphibious and although it's defenseless underwater the smaller space occupied by groups of this kbot compared to other amphibious units makes beach invasions easier.

Vangurad (tech 3 heavy artillery kbot): The most useful and slow lv3 unit from arm in my opinion. It is meant for artillery, and does very well on it, having a higher range that most other artillery units and enormous firepower. It is vulnerable at close range combat, but not completely defenseless.


Krogoth (tech 3 experimental assault kbot): A kbot with immense size and power. It is very efficient at both assault and battle. Its use is very recommendable if you have a strong enough economy to make it.

Karganeth (tech 3 all terrain assault mech): A big, fast and powerful kbot. It is meant for battle, but swarms of them can be quite good against very heavy defenses (slow shooting high power ones). It is also able to attack air with its rockets. Be careful since this kbot explodes violently and this may cause severe damage to other units near it. It can climb to any height.

Juggernaut (tech 3 heavy mobile turret): A very big and resistant but very slow kbot. It is meant for defense. Its shots aren't strong (compared to other tech 3 kbots) but they can hit various units, which makes it good against large swarms of small units and bad against small groups of big units.

Shiva (tech 3 amphibious siege mech): An amphibious artillery kbot. Although its attack range is not that high for artillery, it shoots fast and strong, making it acceptable for close range combat too. It is defenseless while underwater.

Catapult (tech 3 heavy rocket kbot): An artillery kbot. It has a high attack range and power, but its attack is composed of various rockets that spread around. Good against big groups of weak units/buildings. Bad against small groups of units/buildings.

  1. Tech 5 units: (Level 2 buildings)

Both teams:

Fusion reactor (produces energy/storage): Generates energy. It's more efficient than lv1 energy generators, but takes a long time and costs a lot to build, which is compensated for by its great output. Warning: This will be a great target for bombers and its explosion can damage/destroy nearby units.

Advanced fusion reactor (Enhanced energy output/storage): This building costs around 2x more than a normal fusion reactor, but produces 3x more. Be aware that the explosion is a lot bigger too, almost as big as a com explosion.

Experimental Gantry (produces tech3 units): Produces tech 6 (3) Kbots. It's expensive and timely to build, and a priority target for your enemies, so watch out.

Moho Geothermal Powerplant (Harzardous energy source): Generates energy. Its much more cost-efficient than a fusion reactor, but it must be built over a geovent and explodes like a nuke, so make sure to guard it against air attacks.

Moho Mine (Advanced metal extractor/storage): Extracts metal from the ground. Its less cost-efficient than its tech 1 brothers, but it extracts metal faster and since the amount of metal spots is limited on most maps you will want to make it anyway.

Moho Metal Maker (converts energy to metal): This converts energy into metal. It's 20% more efficient than its tech 1 brothers. Beware since this building has ridiculous hp and its explosion can cause some damage. (enough to kill other Moho Metal Makers causing a chain if you pack them together)

Metal Generator (produces free metal): This produces metal without the need of energy. They are more efficient than making fusions and then metal makers, but they take up a lot of space to generate considerable metal and are fragile, so packing em together is not a good idea.

Advanced Energy Storage (increases energy storage): This increases the max amount of energy you can have stored. It's less efficient than its tech 1 brothers, but has more resistance to attacks. Its explosion can kill nearby units or buildings. It can be built underwater.

Advanced Metal Storage (increases metal storage): This increases the max amount of metal you can have stored. It's less efficient than its tech 1 brothers, but resists more damage. It can be built underwater.

Advanced Radar Tower (Long-range radar): This building allows you to detect enemy units inside its range. It's extremely fragile, but fast to build and cheap. It has longer detection range than its tech 1 brother.

Long-range jamming tower: This building allows you to hide your units from enemy radars and sonars. It's fragile, but has a good range. Note that it will work for the enemy too.

Fortification Wall (perimeter defense): This building is used to form barriers by making a lot of it on a line. It's extremely cheap, though more expensive than its tech 1 brother dragon teeth, but is consequently harder to reclaim. It blocks the fire of most units and defenses (mostly missiles, lasers and machine-guns) and cannot be crushed, although its reclaimed easily and can be destroyed by some kinds of shots (mostly cannon shots).

Air repair pad (automatically repairs aircraft): Air units will automatically come to this building and be repaired if they get their health under a certain percentage (this is defined by you on the orders menu of the aircraft). It can hold 4 aircraft by time and repairs then pretty fast, while not very expensive.

Targeting facility (enhanced radar targeting): This is not a very expensive building and will increase the accuracy of your units then shooting guided by radar. Its especially useful then you got Long range artillery units like the BB (Big Bertha). Building more of them will increase accuracy, although there is probably a point where it will stop making effect due to perfect accuracy.

Underwater fusion plant (produces energy/storage): Similar to the fusion reactor, but adapted to be built underwater.

Underwater moho mine (Advanced metal extractor/storage): Similar to the moho mine, but adapted to be built underwater.

Underwater moho metal maker (Converts energy into metal): Similar to the moho metal maker, but adapted to be built on the surface of water.

Floating targeting facility (Enhanced radar targeting): Similar to the targeting facility, but adapted to be built on the surface of water.

Advanced sonar station (Extended sonar): This sonar station is pretty cheap and has a great detection range and is pretty tough for a detection device.


Cloakable Fusion reactor (produces energy/storage): Similar to the Fusion reactor, except that it is more expensive but possesses the ability to cloak. Wastes 200 energy when cloaked.

Prude (Safe Geothermal Powerplant): Similar to the Moho Geothermal Powerplant, except that it generates less energy, is a lot more resistant to attacks, and has a much smaller explosion.

Tracer (intrusion countermeasure system): This device detects moving ground enemy units inside its detection range, even if they are stealthy or cloaked, but it can only keep track of then while they are moving, won't show them on radar, and your units wont react automatically. Not very expensive (or useful :) ).

Keeper (Plasma deflector): This device deflects plasma cannon shots withing its range. Note that this device also offers some protection to stuff behind since shots low enough to hit that stuff must pass through the shield. BB or Intimidator shots may get through the shield occasionally, so make 2 for a completely impenetrable anti-plasma defense. Its pretty expensive so make it on key points.

Arm Juno (anti radar/jammer weapon): This weapon jams radar detection around itself and can produce missiles that cause temporary radar jamming where you shot them. Not very expensive.

Ambusher (Cloackable heavy plasma cannon): This artillery weapon costs a bit, but its worth the price. Its range is not so much for a tech 2 artillery unit, but it's shots are very powerful. It has 2 firing modes: In high trajectory it causes a lot more damage but shots are too slow to hit moving units. In low trajectory shots it can damage moving units but doesn't pack that much power. Can be cloaked. Keep it away from direct combat.

Pit Bull (Pop-up gauss cannon): This defensive weapon is not very expensive but works well against all sizes of ground units, except for units that out-range it, which are rare. Can cloak.

Annihilator (tachyon accelerator): This big weapon is considerably expensive, but if used correctly it is worth the price. As defense its only good against heavy units, but its range allows it to be used to hold your enemy's front back. Its not very resistant, so keep it behind other defenses.

Flakker (Anti-air flak gun): This weapon is expensive, but works well against all kinds of aircraft. It cannot shoot something other than flying units. Don't forget that its health is not that good, so players might try to bomb them to destroy them. Keep them away from each other to increase effect range and make bombing them harder.

Mercury (Long-range missile tower): This expensive weapon works somewhat like a sniper: It has high attack power and range, but a very slow fire rate. Shots may hit various units since they have a big blast. If you have at least 1 of this for each incoming aircraft, it will work greatly, but if you dont it wont work all that well because the slow fire rate will let you open to attacks. Because of that its not recommendable that you have those as the only AA defense of your base.

Detonator (EMP missile launcher): This is like a nuke, but of EMP and less expensive. Missiles must be made before being shot. It takes around 100 seconds to make one missile. Impact area is not that big, but the enormous range can make it useful anyway. (You can use it on a anti-nuke for example)

Protector (Anti-nuke system): This device protects the area inside its range from being nuked. It needs to have at least 1 missile in store to work. Missiles take around 50 seconds to be made.

Retaliator (Nuclear ICBM launcher): This powerful weapon launches nuclear missiles. Missiles must be made before use and take around 140 seconds to be made. Its range is virtually infinite and the blast and power of its missile is very high. It can be countered by anti-nukes.

Big Bertha (Long-range plasma cannon): It is an expensive but powerful weapon and has enormous range and firepower, although it's not very precise and has a slow rate of fire. Nice to bombard the economy or front line of your enemy, but be aware that nearly any other way is more cost-efficient if it can be accomplished. Needs 3000 E for each shot.

Vulcan (Rapid-fire long-range plasma cannon): Like the name says, this weapon is very similar to a long-range plasma cannon, except that it has a little more range and a much higher fire rate. It's insanely expensive, but for a reason: Whoever succeeds in making this is almost surely the winner of the battle.

Decoy fusion reactor (Decoy fusion reactor): This building is exactly equal to a fusion reactor, except that it is very cheap and produces nothing at all. It merely serves to call your enemys bombers attention away from the real fusion reactors.

Flakker NS (anti-air flak gun - naval series): Similar to the flakker, but adapted to be built on the surface of water.

Moray (Advanced torpedo launcher): This expensive weapon has considerable range and firepower. It can only attack units underwater or on its surface (hovers excluded). Its weakness lies on its resistance: It's quite low, allowing it to be killed easily.


Behemoth (Geothermal plasma battery): This geothermal powerplant is not nearly cost-efficient on its energy production, but the fact that it doesn't explode like a nuke and can not only defend itself but attack other units with its great range might be worth it.

Moho exploiter (Convertible metal extractor): This is more expensive to build than a standard moho metal extractor, but it can defend itself with a set of powerful weapons and is pretty tough. It only reveals that its not a common moho metal extractor then it transforms itself to attack.

Nemesis (Intrusion countermeasure system): Similar to the "tracer" from arm.

Overseer (Plasma deflector): Similar to the "Keeper" from arm.

Core juno (Anti-radar/jammer weapon): Similar to the "Arm juno".

Toaster (Heavy plasma cannon): Similar to the "Ambusher" from arm, except that it can't cloak.

Viper (Pop-up sabot battery): Similar to the "Pit bull" from arm, except that it cant cloak.

Doomsday machine (Energy weapon): This weapon holds great endurance and range, and is equipped to battle all sizes of ground units, although its only efficient against heavy ones. Its range allows it to push the enemy front line back.

Cobra (Anti-air flak gun): Similar to the "Flakker" from arm.

Screamer (Long-range missile tower): Similar to the "Mercury" from arm.

Catalyst (Tactical nuke launcher): This silo launches small nukes anywhere inside a big range. Its a little expensive but can be worth it. Missiles take 100 seconds to be made. Missiles cause around 2500 damage each and have a small blast (for a nuke), so you should aim for strong targets instead of swarms.

Fortitude (Anti-nuke system): Similar to the "Protector" from arm.

Silencer (Nuclear ICBM launcher): Similar to the "Retaliator" from arm.

Intimidator (Long-range plasma cannon): Similar to the "Big Bertha" from arm.

Buzzsaw (Rapid-fire long-range plasma cannon): Similar to the "Vulcan" from arm.

Cobra NS (anti-air flak gun - naval series): Similar to the Cobra, but adapted to be built on the surface of water.

Lamprey (Advanced torpedo launcher): Similar to the "Moray" from arm.

  1. Tech 4 units (Level 2 units)(Hovercraft and seaplanes included):


Both Teams:

Advanced Construction kbot (Tech level 2): Construction Kbot that can build tech 2 buildings and all kbot labs. Its not fast or tough and has no weapons, so keep it away from combat. Its build power is decent and it is not very expensive.