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Recording Replays

Replays are automatically recoreded for every game you play in Spring.
They are saved to your Spring\demos\ folder.

Watching Replays

There are multiple ways to watch a replay:

1) Use the replays browser of your lobby. This depends on what lobby you use.

2) Drag & and drop the replay file onto Spring.exe

3) Associate .sdf replay files with spring.exe

Then just doubleclick the replay file.

4) use rightlick -> open with -> Spring.exe

People watch replays to improve their skill by watching what they did wrong, and what other people did right. Use them to improve your skill.

Uploading Replays

Replays can be uploaded to replays.springrts.com. Uploaded replays can be commented. The uploader can edit the description and tags. To upload or comment a Spring lobby login is needed.

If you wish to discuss a match with other players, just give them the link to the uploaded replay.

A testing site is available at replays-test.springrts.com.

SPADS autohost owners can configure SPADS to automatically upload all matches. For instructions read README.replay-upload.

If you have trouble with the replays website please contact Dansan at the Spring forums.

Note: Replays from different versions of Spring are not compatible. That is, if you have installed version 0.76b1, you can only watch replays recorded in 0.76b1. The replays are automatically labeled by spring with the current version number.)

Important keys to use while watching the replay:

L: Shows you Radar and LOS information of active player.

1,2,3...: Changes active player, this is usefull to check on economy and LOS information.

F12: Screenshots!

+ / - : adjust game speed

Pause key: Pause

Chat Commands

/skip <n> : Fast forward the replay to second n

/skip +<n> : Fast forward the replay n seconds

/skip f<n> : Fast forward the replay to frame n (there are 30 frames per second)

/skip f+<n> : Fast forward the replay n frames (there are 30 frames per second)

Example: /skip f1 at the start of the replay can be useful to skip long pre-game chatter and go directly to the action.