A Good Offense is the Best Defense

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Getting Rolling

When playing this tactic, you never stay in one spot, continously pumping out units and moving from place to place. Scouts are vital for deep striking missions. Level 1 tech is all you need to win. Players following this tactic are rewarded with an almost impeccable ability to continuosly bring the fight to the enemy, and never getting attacked themselves.

Hard, but worth it

This tactic is the opposite of porcing, which means it is going to be very hard. No defenses means mobile units, mobile units have more use than defenses, but are weaker. The enemy is never sure of any position you could be at. Here one minute, gone the next. Rushing enemies with 1 or 2 units in the begginning is catastrophic. It can completely wreck the economy, and it could make your enemy try to attack you, but your supposed to have left that base to fend for itself, and moved already.

As many players like to say "defense is for bitches"


PS: This Tactic is not suggested for those of us that are slower...