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If you just want to get ready to play, you want this:
Games Downloads

Spring Engine

Latest stable version: 106.0 (10. January 2021)

(These downloads do not contain a lobby!)

Window.png Portable: spring_106.0_win64_portable.7z ~25MB - {mirror}

Tux-G2.png 64bit static binaries: spring_106.0_linux64.7z ~15MB - {mirror}

distro native installs: follow the Linux Setup guide

Note: The linux64 build require glibc >= 2.29 (i.e. at least debian 11 bullseye / ubuntu 20 focal) libcurl4 for spring >104.0, libsdl2-2.0-0 and libopenal1 to be installed


The Spring Engine is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 (or later).


We are happy about Donations!

Testing/Nightly Builds

Used for testing latest engine developments. list of all test builds

Source Code


Spring project page at github (status page)

Getting the Source

latest stable:

git clone -b master git://

development branch (won't work for online gaming):

git clone git://

Alternate git url


Latest Stable Snapshot

This tarball is the same as that used to build the last public release. See Building spring for build instructions.

The packages below target Linux only and do not contain certain files required to compile using CMake on Windows.

spring_106.0_src.tar.lzma - {mirror}

spring_106.0_src.tar.gz - {mirror}