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by danzel
10 Feb 2007, 23:18
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: KoBA - To B or not to B
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by danzel
07 Feb 2007, 10:26
Forum: Game Development
Topic: Bug found for balanced annihilation....Peewees dragons teeth
Replies: 69
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MadRat wrote:Make them transportable, that'll make them worthwhile as scripted units.
by danzel
03 Feb 2007, 23:17
Forum: Game Development
Topic: DecoyFor FBI Tag
Replies: 20
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Argh wrote:Sweet. I'll have to play around with this a lot... "wait, that factory is moving..." "dude, it can't be..." "I swear I saw it move... OH NOOEEESS"
Movable decoy buildings :D
by danzel
14 Jan 2007, 04:41
Forum: Map Releases
Topic: New Map - Tropical
Replies: 89
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I am looking forward to playing this map :D

Edit: Bah, vehicles have about the same movement area as kbots, was hoping they wouldn't be able to cross the middle as easy :(
by danzel
12 Jan 2007, 22:46
Forum: Map Creation
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damn that SM3 looks good :O
by danzel
12 Jan 2007, 01:34
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: You Might Be A Noob If...
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jackalope wrote:you know you are a noob when your allies look at your base and type .take even though no one has left.
by danzel
11 Jan 2007, 09:06
Forum: Ingame Community
Topic: WebBasedLobby
Replies: 13
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Looks good, if only I could remember my damn spring login :|:|:|:| (Ignore all the failed logins for danzel, lol) If you want it spruced up I could help (Although I'm not sure how good/bad it is not as I haven't logged in yet). I've written an online IRC client before (Among a bajillion other things...
by danzel
06 Jan 2007, 23:21
Forum: Mac OS X
Topic: Mac version
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Awesome screenshot, great work :D
by danzel
06 Jan 2007, 23:00
Forum: Game Releases
Topic: Balanced Annihilation v4.7 !!
Replies: 1266
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Samsons also have great line of site and can take out LLTs from outside their range.
by danzel
27 Dec 2006, 10:20
Forum: Help & Bugs
Topic: Atlas/Valkyrie can pick up cloaked units
Replies: 6
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Atlas/Valkyrie can pick up cloaked units

Both Air transports can pick up cloaked enemy units if you do an area load. I spotted the enemy commander and lost my scouts, then when my atlases arrived at his location he was cloaked, I told my atlases to load and dragged out the area I had spotted him in incase I had just missed him. They picked...
by danzel
17 Dec 2006, 05:42
Forum: Game Releases
Topic: Absolute Annihilation 2.23
Replies: 1326
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Saktoth wrote:Nanoblobs would be hilarious if included, though i dont think thats feasible (Imagine a nanoblobs player giving their excess resources to their team).
+1 Make this happen.
by danzel
15 Dec 2006, 22:31
Forum: Off Topic Discussion
Topic: Flash - King of the Universe
Replies: 17
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Nice work :)
by danzel
12 Dec 2006, 08:29
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: SmuG Guide to Running Your Boy
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rofl nice.
by danzel
02 Dec 2006, 04:03
Forum: Help & Bugs
Topic: B
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Anyone know how come I get that capital B as my mouse cursor sometimes instead of the build squares?
Could be a hot key I'm accidentally hitting, but I don't know what.
by danzel
21 Nov 2006, 06:20
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: New Minimap Controls
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by danzel
14 Nov 2006, 06:46
Forum: Map Creation
Topic: WTF... "Bunny" ???? map?
Replies: 13
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I don`t care if it is bunny as hell, a duckjump into void or just Cow - i want to know where the joke is.. i simply don`t get it and i hate it if everybody else is amusing himself and i stay around, getting nothing. Plz have Mercy - just tell me the Joke.. :? Basically I want to build laser towers ...
by danzel
12 Nov 2006, 08:51
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Nano Particle Swapping?
Replies: 6
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A completely transparent image?
by danzel
08 Nov 2006, 05:57
Forum: AI
Topic: C# AI Interface, and Proof of concept C# AI
Replies: 120
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I think you'd find it'd be in C++'s favour if optimizations were on for cl (c++ compiler)

It would still be close however, JIT compilers are pretty damn smart these days. I remember reading a paper on making unoptimized compiled code run faster by running the compiled binary on a JIT compiler. :D
by danzel
07 Nov 2006, 08:02
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Springie the AutoHost
Replies: 656
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Looks like its getting dupe messages atm: [7:55:41 p.m.] <danzel> !listmaps comet [7:55:42 p.m.] <Springie> Comet Catcher Remake-v02.smf [7:55:42 p.m.] <Springie> Green Comet Basic.smf [7:55:42 p.m.] <Springie> Comet Catcher Remake-v02.smf [7:55:42 p.m.] <Springie> Green Comet Basic.smf !maplist [7:...

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