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Posted by hokomoko at 2019-04-26 09:55
It is that time of the year again which is a good opportunity to thank the people of this community for their involvement whether by playing, testing, developing or contributing in any other way. You are the reason why this project is still live and kicking after so many years.

In the past year we've observed Zero-K's successful launch on steam, two LD games (with another coming this weekend!) and ongoing work and releases by many of our games (BA, TechA, S44, Evo, MF to name a few).

On the engine front there were 1761 commits since 104.0, the GL4 migration is in an advanced state and save/load support is fully implemented.

Next year? It's all up to you! We live in exciting times :)

Happy Birthday!
Posted by abma at 2019-03-25 22:23
as already announced earlier, on 8. April we will set the minimal required spring version to >=104.0 for hosting with a botflag.


In short:

- using older spring versions blocks development
- older spring versions contain crash / DoS bugs
- we need to look forward: newer versions have more features / cleaner code / scale better / are more friendly to game devs.
- also its spring!

Yee-haw! :regret:

Side note: for commercial-like support, please donate: /wiki/Donations :wink:
Posted by abma at 2019-01-28 10:19
today we upgraded uberserver to the current development version. When you notice a new problem, please leave a note here or report to the bug-tracker


The forum thread Upcoming lobby server updates contains more details.
Posted by raaar at 2018-11-01 20:28

Metal Factions is an evolving RTS game that started as yet another TA mod but since 2014 has been moving away from TA IP to a more original game with decent graphics and great gameplay.

Besides gameplay similarities with other TA-derived or Supreme Commander games, some of its major features are:
- FOUR factions with many dozens of unique units each: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE
- Commanders with several morph options to fit into different play styles and which can be easily revived
- Upgrades that improve players' units in different ways and allow players to optimize their strategies
- Its own AI, MFAI, with three difficulty levels. The "Brutal" mode should provide a challenge to even veteran RTS players!
- A dedicated 1v1 ladder

Check the website at www.metalfactions.pt
Posted by Forboding Angel at 2018-08-07 18:44

Holy crap. Clickbait title indeed! So this is what happens when you amusedly search google for a clickbait title generator and plug in your own stuff (No, evo is not moving away from github… we aren’t insane lol).

Before I get into anything though, I want to mention that I’m trying out a new format for newsposts. I HATE writing news stuff with a passion. So what I’m going to try now is “micro news”, as in, I’m going to pick narrow subjects that are important, write a paragraph or whatever I need to to explain it, and call it a day. Perhaps if I do news this way, I can be persuaded to write news stuff more often.

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