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developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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Posted by abma at 2021-01-01 17:47
Today we released spring 105.0 which mostly contains bugfixes. New features will come with spring 106.0, on the Roadmap are more Details.

This time, the https://github.com/spring/spring/compare/104.0...105.0

Most users won't need a download link, as lobbies can download them automatically. for the completeness:

Download LinksThe installer for windows and 32 bit linux and 32 bit windows builds are deprecated, thats why not download links are provided.

Please report bugs to our bug-tracker, thanks!

This server costs money, so Donations are welcome!

Happy new year!
Posted by abma at 2020-12-21 15:01
We are proud to announce the release of SpringLobby 0.271!

The new features/changes are mostly minor:

- use platform specific download path for the spring engine: linux32/linux64/windows32/windows64/macosx
- use platform specific config file sections to store spring engine paths
- add engine crash upload dialog
- add ignore/unignore to user right-click menu
- fix game / map info caching not working for games / maps with special chars
- fix crash because of channel/user bridge support
- fix a lot of minor auto downloader bugs

Special thanks to specing who did a lot of the changes and implemented new features!

The SpringLobby-updater on windows will migrate SpringLobby to x64: the existing x32 spring engine can't be used any more and have to be redownloaded.

also the download path of the spring engine has changed, so linux users who upgrade will be partly affected too:

~/.spring/engine/ will be ~/.spring/engine/linux64 (or ~/.spring/engine/linux32, but x32 is deprecated!)

For linux users, a flatpak exists: https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.springrts.SpringLobby

For more details about what will come next, we created a roadmap: /wiki/Roadmap which isn't complete yet.

Cheers! 8)
Posted by abma at 2020-12-19 18:28
To get up to date visual effects a lot of stuff in the spring engine needs to be updated. Engine wise OpenGL 4 needs to be supported which mostly is done in the current development branch of the engine. Because of further enhancements by the Game Developers the memory usage was also increased and the 4GB RAM limit in some cases isn't enough: 64 Bit has to be used to fix such "out of memory" crashes.

To fully support a 64 bit spring engine on windows springlobby has to be 64 bit, too:

A release of springlobby is planned on next monday, 21. December. When Windows is running at 64 Bit, the migration should happen "automatically" by the updater: if windows is 32 bit only, the springlobby updater should fail with an error.

When the migration is done, springlobby x64 can't use the 32 Bit engines of spring any more: the 64 bit engines needs to be downloaded.

Crossing fingers that everything works!

This step will make the official Spring Engine x32 and SpringLobby x32 builds and releases obsolete.

If someone wants to test the 64 bit build before the release, there already exists a 64 bit development version of springlobby.

A picture how it currently can look like in BAR (thanks ivand):

The map extension relies fully on OpenGL 3/4 core features with no old GL (except for the Fog, which is going to be replaced with core profile version in the next BAR branch build.).
8 extension plates are rendered by means of instanced rendering.

Posted by abma at 2020-09-17 20:25
Because of recent updates, the server will be rebooted and the memory slightly increased. It will be available again "when its done".

Goodby Uptime:

up 681 days, 19:41
Posted by abma at 2020-09-09 01:10
today i wanted to upgrade phpbb to the current version as it closes some security related issues.

I downloaded the update file and expanded it to the webserver. Then i opened the installer but it failed with "php 7.0 is not supported..."... fu..!

As the debian system which springrts.com runs is quiet old, i decided to upgrade it from version 9 (stretch) to version 10 (buster) so i could easily install php7.3, too:

edit /etc/apt/sources.list, replace "stretch" with "buster", run apt update && apt upgrade and wait a long time, answer some questions with "yes, please automatically restart the service", "yes, please overwrite the custom config file with the default version": done!

to finally update phpbb i had to install php7.3 and the required modules and restart apache.

then the update of phpbb finally worked, i logged in to the admin page and then:

syntax error in "phpbb/ext/anavaro/postlove/config/services.yml"...

shh...! i tried to fix it manually and: success it seems to work: https://github.com/spring/spring-website-phpbb-postlove/commit/0a9d24733f90c3000a365f8b1956775c64fbf5d9

so, success!

as its to late i have to stop at this stage, but there possible is a lot of stuff left:

- manual data migration from postgresl 9.6 to postgres 11
- apt dist-upgrade
- restart services and see which one broke:
- buildbot master
- lobby server
- matrix servers + services
- rapid services: recompile pr-downloader / RapidTools used for repos.springrts.com
- wsgi services for replays.springrts.com
- mumble

and finally reboot server (up 673 days, 21:43)!

so, if you found some problem already, please post and i try to fix this asap!

thanks for reading! :-)