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developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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Posted by abma at 2020-09-17 20:25
Because of recent updates, the server will be rebooted and the memory slightly increased. It will be available again "when its done".

Goodby Uptime:

up 681 days, 19:41
Posted by abma at 2020-09-09 01:10
today i wanted to upgrade phpbb to the current version as it closes some security related issues.

I downloaded the update file and expanded it to the webserver. Then i opened the installer but it failed with "php 7.0 is not supported..."... fu..!

As the debian system which springrts.com runs is quiet old, i decided to upgrade it from version 9 (stretch) to version 10 (buster) so i could easily install php7.3, too:

edit /etc/apt/sources.list, replace "stretch" with "buster", run apt update && apt upgrade and wait a long time, answer some questions with "yes, please automatically restart the service", "yes, please overwrite the custom config file with the default version": done!

to finally update phpbb i had to install php7.3 and the required modules and restart apache.

then the update of phpbb finally worked, i logged in to the admin page and then:

syntax error in "phpbb/ext/anavaro/postlove/config/services.yml"...

shh...! i tried to fix it manually and: success it seems to work: https://github.com/spring/spring-website-phpbb-postlove/commit/0a9d24733f90c3000a365f8b1956775c64fbf5d9

so, success!

as its to late i have to stop at this stage, but there possible is a lot of stuff left:

- manual data migration from postgresl 9.6 to postgres 11
- apt dist-upgrade
- restart services and see which one broke:
- buildbot master
- lobby server
- matrix servers + services
- rapid services: recompile pr-downloader / RapidTools used for repos.springrts.com
- wsgi services for replays.springrts.com
- mumble

and finally reboot server (up 673 days, 21:43)!

so, if you found some problem already, please post and i try to fix this asap!

thanks for reading! :-)
Posted by abma at 2020-07-06 13:03
SpringLobby is now officially available as flatpak. This allows the installation of an up-to date version of springlobby on most linux distributions.

The flatpak of SpringLobby is published at flathub. For installing look at the install instructions.

If you have already springlobby installed and the data is not ~/.spring nor ~/.springlobby you can make it available to the flatpak with
[code]flatpak override --user --filesystem=host com.springrts.SpringLobby [/code]This step shouldn't be required for most users!

Note: the flatpak release is "beta"! As always, please report releated bugs to the SpringLobby Bugtracker! Thank You!
Posted by hokomoko at 2020-02-04 22:14

The talk was held by me (hokomoko, engine dev) in FOSDEM 2020 in Brussels.

I hope you find it entertaining and/or educational :-)
Posted by MaDDoX at 2019-12-25 03:36

'Travel 2000 years to the “past” of Total Annihilation days, and engage on hard-fought battles with forgotten technology and special attacks. TA Prime is a fan-made prequel to the 1999 smash hit RTS, elected by GameSpy as the best Real-Time Strategy Game of all time.'

TA Prime - or TAP, for short - stacks an elaborate RPS (rock-paper-scissors) countering mechanism on top of the physics-based countering system of T.A., where projectiles realistically bounce and miss targets. This heavily favours early and continuous scouting (for appropriate mix-and-match) and micro-management of units for best effectiveness. On top of that, TAP uses a modern upgrade system involving Tech researches, morphs (allowing units to change shape and combat role), global and per-unit upgrades. Direct-fire, aim-able abilities play an important role in the game, with “Fire Rain” and “Neutron Strike” easily countering blobs of bots and vehicles respectively. Many quality-of-life features are included, like instant unit area-loading, “plane freeze” - which allows you to precisely maneuver and group fighters and bombers mid-air - and one-click morph queues, to make sure you don’t over-spend when resources are tight. Ground, Air, Navy, Artillery and Nuclear combat layers - it’s all in there with its own details and complexity for you to master. Learn about the game, how to get and install it, on our website: https://www.fluidplay.co/TAPrime

TAP is already on Rapid, we’ll have a release play party tomorrow (Xmas day, Dec 25th) @ 10AM PST / 3PM BRT, come join us at “TA Prime - Main Server”, which will be pw-unlocked half an hour before that.

Tourney: We’ll hold a 1v1 TAP tourney, with $250 dollars in prizes ($150 for the winner). The tourney is slated for the Second Week of January. More details to be provided soon in our site and here in the SpringRTS forums.

Disclaimer: TA Prime is totally free to play, there are no - and there will never be - in-game purchases or fees to play on our self-funded servers. All rights on the Total Annihilation trademark and art are reserved to Wargaming.net.