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Site administrators (= root). People with SSH access to this server:

  • abma
  • dansan
  • det(trino)
  • TurBoss
  • hokomoko

Website access (=normal ssh user which can change website):

  • jk

Lobby administrators. People with SSH access to the lobby server:

  • abma

Forum administrators. People with forum administrator roles:

  • FLOZi
  • abma

Rapid "admin" / maintainer:

  • det
  • abma

Spads maintainer:

  • bibim

Spring Lobby Database (SLDB) maintainer (lobby accounts, matches and ranking data warehouse)

  • bibim

Springfiles admin:

  • abma
  • jj


Services running on springrts.com server

hosted by dansan not financed by SpringRTS at this time


DNS and springrts.com domain names

  • hosted and financed by Tim Blokdijk


hosted and financed by jj mirror1 by dansan mirror2 by zebar

  • runs upq for indexing / mirroring uploaded files


  • linux/linux64/windows hosted and financed by abma
  • windows64/macos hosted and financed by TurBoss
  • validation hosted and financed by zydox

Backup of the important services

  • website (forum/wiki/mantis) + associated db
  • springfiles (maps/games without repository/other content files)
  • replay site


  • Kloot: holder of Spring accounts
  • Anarchid: SPI liason


We are happy about Donations!