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Spring (formerly TASpring) was originally written by the Swedish clan SY, and later extended by a bunch of other people, some of whom are listed here (in alphabetical order):



  • abma Python AI Interface, installer, infrastructure, tester
  • hokomoko Serialisation, simulation, optimisations, bug-fixes
  • jK GFX, simulation, Lua, sound, OpenMP, OS related
  • Kloot GFX, simulation, Lua, bug-fixes
  • Auswaschbar (Karl-Robert Ernst)
  • fnordia
  • hoijui AI, build-system, installer, headless, sound
  • imbaczek (Marek Baczynski)
  • jcnossen
  • SJ
  • Tobi (Tobi Vollebregt) releases, buildbot, simulation, Lua
  • tim blokdijk
  • trepan
  • victor
  • xiphux
  • zerver GFX, simulation, Lua, multithreaded
  • cleanrock GFX, bug-fixes

Special Thanks

Additionally for significant contributions to the spring engine or the community, special gratitude goes to (in alphabetical order):

  • Beherith
  • betalord
  • bibim (Yann Riou)
  • BrainDamage
  • colorblind (Teake Nutma)
  • dansan (for hosting
  • det
  • eriatarka
  • FLOZi (Craig Lawrence)
  • gajop (Gajo Petrovic)
  • hughperkins (Hugh Perkins)
  • ILMTitan
  • initram
  • KDR_11k
  • koshi
  • Krogothe
  • M2
  • MadrMan
  • Nathaniel Smith
  • Nicolas Brodu
  • rattle
  • satirik
  • semi
  • smoth
  • SpliFF
  • tizbac (Tiziano Bacocco)
  • quantum
  • zenzike (Nicolas Wu)
  • zizu
  • zydox (for sharing A LOT of CPU power for running the validation test / buildslave)


NEVER send bug reports, help- and feature-requests directly to the persons in this list, use the bugtracker or the forum instead. Of course you are free to write mails about donating.

For additions/corrections to the list, please post in the community forum.