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This page lists urls of interesting spring related news/reviews and a bit info about its history.

History of Spring and its games in the press

(newest comes first)

Date Magazine/Page Language Topic Title


2018.04.27 English Zero-K Free Total Annihilation-like RTS Zero-K lands on Steam


2017.12.29 English Zero-K The best free games of 2017


2014.04.07 English Evolution RTS Now Available on Steam - Evolution RTS


2013.05.24 English Spring RTS 94.1 Spring RTS Engineering Internals
2013.03.11 German Spring RTS 93.0 Spring RTS: Version 93.0 der Open-Source-Engine erschienen


2012.10.28 Finish Kernel Panic Kernel Panic
2012.03.28 English Spring The Anvil Podcast: Spring RTS


2011.12.29 French Spring 85.0 Spring 85.0
2011.12.27 English Spring 19 Free 3D Game Engines to create your own 3D Games !
2011.12.20 Spanish Zero-K Playing Zero-K
2011.08.24 English Spring

Building With Someone Else's Blocks: Going Open Source With Games

2011.06.17 German Zero-K Zero-K also on CD/DVD
2011.05.15 German Zero-K Zero-K: Multiplayer-Strategiespiel zum Download
2011.05.14 finnish Kernel Panic Kernel Panic on game of the day
2011.03.31 english spring 0.82.7 Spring Engine - Ready for prime time?
2011.03.29 english maps Turning a Spring map into a wooden coffee table forum thread
2011.02.24 German Evolution RTS Futter für Spieler: Evolution RTS und GCT
2011.01.06 English spring 0.82.7 The Spring Project - An Open Source Strategy Game Engine With An Impressive Selection of Free Games


2010.11.30 English Gundam RTS v1.26 + spring Gundam RTS v1.26 Free Game
2010.11 c't German Kernel Panic + Spring c't-Software-Kollektion, 1, 2
2010.08.17 German Spring 0.82.3 TA Spring
2010.08.16 German Spring 0.82.3 Spring RTS 0.82.3
2010.08.14 German Spring 0.82.3 Spring RTS
2010.07.09 chip German Spring CHIP Online Open-Source-Spiele-DVD
2010.06.23 English Gundam RTS 1.21 Gundam RTS
2010.02.12 English Spring 0.81.1 From the ‘freaking awesome’ department – 3D support on nouveau


2009.10.24 russian Spring Spring RTS Engine v0.80.5.1
2009.10.16 english Spring 5 random Linux games worth playing


2008.07.01 russian Spring Spring Engine
2008.06.18 English Interview Interview: Gundam RTS
2008.02 PCGamer(UK) English Star Wars Spring Scan ~9MB


2007.01.27 German TA Spring Taktik und Action: Kostenlose Spiele aus dem Internet


2006.10.03 English Spring 0.73b1 New spring version, 0.73b1 (TA Spring renamed to Spring and it becomes an Engine!)
2006.05.11 English Interview TA Spring Interview (en)
2006.02 English Star Wars Spring Pagescan ~9MB


2005.04.28 English spring 0.40b2 Total Annihilation gets a remake
2005.04.28 English spring 0.40b2 Free Total Annihiliation remake
2005.04.27 English spring 0.40b2 Total Annihilation Remake Released


2004.08.17 English announcement Hobbyist 'Spring' RTS Engine Takes Shape
2004.06.28 English forum thread Latest Info About TA2, TA's Sequels & A Little History Of TA