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What is it?

A series of hierarchical templates for Spring Games, meant as a clean-slate foundation to build games upon, not an example of how to do so.

What is included?

  • A(lmost Minimal)
Basically just empty directories and a working Modinfo.lua, Engineoptions.lua, Modoptions.lua, Resources.lua and base-content gadget handler inclusion.
  • B(are Bones)
A + Armordefs.lua, Movedefs.lua, and Sidedata.lua} skeletons with links to relevant wiki articles, as well as inclusion of base content unit_script.lua, game_spawn.lua and game_end.lua gadgets.
  • C(hili UI Framework)
B + Chili (2.1) & associated files to make it work.

Most people will want to use B.sdd or C.sdd, A.sdd is provided for completeness or for veterans who have their own core files to include already.

What is it not?

Where to get it?

Forum: Spring ABC - Empty / Template Games

or GitHub:

or Direct link to GitHub .ZIP