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Spring Tutorial Game

Spring Tutorial Game in action

Despite the name, this not an "official" project.

And despite being called "game" it is not meant to be a game that is made to be fun to play, nor is it a technical or graphics demo. If you are looking for those sort of things, check out the available Games or Gamedev:PublicRepos.


This is basically a "Hello World" Spring game.

The idea is that most potential game devs will hopefully understand the examples and with the help of this wiki can build on them.

Why not just use stuff from other games?

Most Spring games consist of hundreds of files, with scripts that can have thousands of lines of code. Furthermore some files are just wrong or outdated, comments are sparse etc.

That does not stop the games from working but clearly they are not the best examples to learn from; The idea of this project is to have a basic game with some simple examples.

There are just files! Why is there no guide to go along with this?

A good guide is this one by Ptsnoop

His "Empty Game" was also the base for this, see original forum thread.

Where can I get it?

Github repository