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0004698Spring engineGfx driver issuespublic2015-06-25 21:00
Assigned TojK 
Product Version98.0.1+git 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004698: 98.0.1-423 practically hangs rendering (linux/nvidia/primusrun)
DescriptionStarting any game with 98.0.1-423, the game is rendered at ~0 FPS.

This didn't happen in 98.0.1-403.

There is occasionally some tearing, but the game generally seems to run, albeit at super slow speed.

Infolog with DebugGLStacktraces, using old version of BA, quit via -9

Infolog with DebugGLStacktraces, using git version of ZK, quit via ingame UI and patience

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duplicate of 0004701resolvedjK 98.0.1-423 practically hangs rendering (on linux/nvidia/primusrun) 



lamer (reporter)

2nd link is broken 404.
I guess the address is not fully copy-pasted, probably


Anarchid (reporter)

Unfortunately mantis won't let me edit it now.


Anarchid (reporter)

Last edited: 2015-03-11 23:58

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Had time to try testing some intermediate versions.

98.0.1-420-g7ee497b: bad
98.0.1-413-gd120cae: bad

So it's between 409 and 412... will continue tomorrow.

Looking at commits, changes between 409 and 413 don't even touch GL? What.


msafwan (reporter)

could it work if GlStacktrace disabled? I had hang too when I enable it when making report for https://springrts.com/mantis/view.php?id=4700


Anarchid (reporter)

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The issue still happens with DebugGlStacktraces=0 and DebugGl=0; i only enabled those after encountering it.

I didn't turn it off during bisecting, so i'll redo the bisects. Though even with those still on, behaviour in self-compiled 408 looked good.

As requested by Abma in chat, here's infolog with debug symbols (using a rather dated but well working version of TechA):


abma (administrator)

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with debug info:


[07] rts/Rendering/Shaders/GLSLCopyState.cpp:215 CopyShaderState_Uniforms
  <08> rts/Rendering/Shaders/GLSLCopyState.cpp:277 CopyShaderState_UniformBlocks
[08] rts/Rendering/Shaders/GLSLCopyState.cpp:428 Shader::GLSLCopyState(unsigned int, unsigned int, std::unordered_map<unsigned long, Shader::Un [...]
[09] rts/Rendering/Shaders/Shader.cpp:560 Shader::GLSLProgramObject::Reload(bool)
[10] rts/Rendering/Shaders/Shader.cpp:286 Shader::IProgramObject::RecompileIfNeeded()
[11] rts/Rendering/Shaders/Shader.cpp:435 Shader::GLSLProgramObject::Link()
[12] rts/Rendering/Env/Decals/GroundDecalHandler.cpp:166 CGroundDecalHandler::LoadDecalShaders()
[13] rts/Rendering/Env/Decals/GroundDecalHandler.cpp:87 (discriminator 1) CGroundDecalHandler::CGroundDecalHandler()
[14] rts/Rendering/Env/IGroundDecalDrawer.cpp:37 (discriminator 1) IGroundDecalDrawer::GetInstance()
[15] rts/Rendering/WorldDrawer.cpp:135 CWorldDrawer::Draw()
[16] rts/Game/Game.cpp:1333 CGame::Draw()
[17] rts/System/SpringApp.cpp:922 SpringApp::Update()
[18] rts/System/SpringApp.cpp:954 SpringApp::Run()
[19] rts/System/Main.cpp:48 Run(int, char**)
[20] rts/System/Main.cpp:108 main
[21] /build/buildd/eglibc-2.19/csu/libc-start.c:321 __libc_start_main
[22] ./spring() [0x58a2b9] _start


abma (administrator)

before investigating engine more, imo these lua errors should be fixed first:

[f=0000000] Error in Shutdown()
[f=0000000] false
[f=0000000] Error in Shutdown(): [string "lups/lups.lua"]:1105: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
[f=0000000] Removed widget: Lups
[f=0000000] false
[f=0000000] Error in Initialize(): [string "lups/ParticleClasses/unitpiecelight.lua"]:356: bad argument #1 to 'CreateTexture' (Texture Size must be greater than zero!)
[f=0000000] Removed widget: Lups


Anarchid (reporter)

The quoted error seems to be missing from the last paste, which would indicate that the lups error is not causal to this issue.


abma (administrator)

especially "bad argument #1 to 'CreateTexture' (Texture Size must be greater than zero!)" is clearly an error


Anarchid (reporter)

I don't think we're looking at the same data, then.

anarchid@wormbox:~$ wget http://paste.springfiles.com/view/raw/1dc82cc2 -o lastpaste.txt && grep -i "createtexture" ./lastpaste.txt | wc -l


abma (administrator)

fixing this FIXME would give more useful info i guess:

//FIXME if (IsValid())



jK (developer)

Fix 85071ebce97df864a5aa0ea02401e2be502f2ee9 committed to master branch: fix 0004698: I am pretty sure I commited that already ..., repo: spring changeset id: 5237

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