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Argh removed the link to Engine Development. Can we get it back? I really miss that link. I don't know how to navigate my way to Building_spring without it. Argh said it was redundant. But where is the redundancy when nothing else links there?

Discussion Archive

I moved what has been discussed up to now to Talk:Main Page/archive1 as it is not really of interest at the moment.

Category system

My previous proposal slightly refinded:

3 Main Categories:

  1. Development
  2. Content
  3. Playing / using the engine

(I´d be thankful for good ideas for category names)

Development is really two categories in one:

  • Spring engine development
  • Content Development

Content is all about the mods, maps etc. that have been created, including strategies for mods

Playing / using the engine is only for infos that are true for all mods, maps and AI´s, so basicly its installing, getting a game set up, interface infos, changing settings and such.

I´d also make a 4. Category, for: about the wiki, how to make pages, which category system :D, etc. (the documentation of the documentation)

The only thing which is kind of missing in this system is where "feature requests" the montly topic rotation and such things go.

For a more indepth (and presumably less understandable) explanation go to my talk page.

If nobody responds to this, I´m going to do it in the next few days :D

-- SeanHeron

Sounds good, go ahead and implement it. One other category you could use would be Misc, which would fit in the random stuff like the MTR page.
--Maelstrom 11:58, 17 Mar 2006 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Browse the Wiki moved back here

I moved the "original" main page back here, and main page to front page. Since this is the main page of the wiki this makes more sense to me, and then I don't have to change any links. :) is a w.i.p of a frontpage using Front Page as a source for the header. I'm not sure the talk pages are matching anymore though, perhaps some wiki master could take a look at it :) --Fnordia 15:53, 23 Apr 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Its looking good. You still have to properly implement the Community News (Just replace Template:Community_News with the community news), but apart from that I cant see a problem at all.
Should the page be protected so random vandals dont come in and destroy it? Its not a problem now, but in the future it might be.
--Maelstrom 16:00, 23 Apr 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Hey, cool to see that its on its way :) . Your right, the history and talk are somewhat messed up (I think). I don´t have the time now, but I might fix it later. However, I don´t think I can do everything without admin rights. regards SeanHeron 13:23, 2 May 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Ok, had a look at the history and that seems to be A OK :D . The Talk:Browse the Wiki was still there, but I messed up moving it here (cause I changed this page first, doh!). Anyway well done on moving the pages Fnordia. And sorry about me hurrying you :) . Nice work, and now I can understand why you needed some time (I wasn´t expecting you to make a new .php page :D) . regards SeanHeron 09:42, 8 May 2006 (W. Europe Daylight Time)

Should I add links to Google translations of the main page? The source at the bottom is translating a website, I'll link that to our current translations at the top. -Esteroth12

Alternative Main page ?

There a quite some people who don´t like a first page filled with links. So I´ve semi started an alternative version. Based on this chat:

[23:45:09] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> make the front page simpler

[23:45:12] <[LCC]IaMaCuP> i dont know why they have risen to be the BeAllEndAll of tutorial pages

[23:45:23] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> one link for getting started topics

[23:45:24] <SeanHeron> you disaprove of the wikipedia I gather ...

[23:45:35] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> one link for online play

[23:45:42] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> one link for single player

[23:45:45] <[LCC]IaMaCuP> meh

[23:45:47] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> one link for dev

[23:45:50] <[LCC]LordMatt[1st]> those four

Non-english wiki is fail mostly


Even the english "main" wiki isnt that great but the german/french/italian pages that I found are even worse: [[1]] Even if you dont read french, just look at the games: half dead projects, no links etc. These pages are doing more worse than good when a first time visitor sees them. Most of them were not updated in years: There simply are not enough people to do that. Imo concentrate on english wiki. I would delete them but want to ask first what others think?

Abma 23:43, 12 July 2011 (CEST) :

please delete non-english pages: they are all fail/outdated/... i already deleted some of the worst some time ago, at least mark them with