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Redesign idea

I propose to use the current main page as the architecture for the categorys (actually I´m going to do some categorizing in a moment :D ).

Also I then propose to move this page to somewhere like "Overview" or something, and making a proper Main Page, like the first page you get when visiting a different game site, something like this: [1] (actually not as messy if possible :D). Anyway, I´ll just set up a nice little page to play around with should I ?

[[Ideas for the Front Page| There]]

we are. SeanHeron 14. March

Ok I got started on categorizing, and in case you don´t understand the system I´m using I´ll explain here: I think the System in use on the "Main Page" is very good (I think I had exactly the same structure in my head and wanted to implement it, but somebody else [brilliant person] did so already ). Anyway, I want to make the categories sort more or less like on the main Page thus: Root (directory for the top level Categorys)

  • Spring (de)
    • Spielen
      • ....
    • ...
  • Spring (Category for the english Wiki)
    • Playing (Currently Playing Spring)
      • Read this first
      • .....
    • Content (Currently Spring Project)
      • Units
      • Maps
      • Mods
      • ....
    • Development
      • Unit making
      • Map making
      • Mod making
      • Source Development
      • ....

Note that there is only one category each for Maps, Units, Mods and AIs at the moment, and I intend to split them into two: one for describing content already made (e.g. Absolute Annihilation) and one describing how to make the content (Development) e.g. Upspring. --Seanheron

Missing category display

I think there is one little thing missing in the current wiki-style: There is no display of the categories the viewed page is in. e.g Mods should have its category [[Category:Mods]] displayed, no? --Hoehrer

TO do something like that, you have to use a template. This is already working on a few of the mods pages. To put this template in, type {{Category:Mods}}, which would look like this:

172px-Symbol comment vote.svg.png This site is kept for historical reasons, all mods here are incompatible to the current spring engine, maybe they work with an older version of the Engine.
- please use Category:Games if you search for playable games!


I think you are missing/missunderstanding my point (I'm no native speaker, oh well ;) ).... You can classify a wiki-page in mediawiki into several categories e.g. [[Category:TODO]] [[Category:Mods]] [[Category:Fixme]] In the default-style these categories are listed on the bottom of the page, so you can select them and get an overview of all pages in this category. See as an example (on the bottom of the page is the "Categories" section) Doing a template with a cool formatting is a nice addition to this, but _seeing what categories are used_ is needed IMHO.
On a side note: does {{Category:xxx}} doesn't classify a page inside the xxx category. --Hoehrer 14:23, 20 Dec 2005 (W. Europe Standard Time)

I see what you mean now. Yes that would be a good thing to have. Ask Fnordia about it, he is the one that takes care of the wiki.

And no, adding a {{Template}} does not add that page into that catrgory, it just adds that page into the current page. --Maelstrom 05:51, 21 Dec 2005 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Ok, i'll contact Fnordia.

Template: I know, I actually wanted to write a declarative statement with that sentense, but messed it up with the leading "does" :) --Hoehrer

Just wanted to point out that the default template now contains the category thing at this point (poked fnordia about it a bit more). --Sinbadev

Updating the skin

The skin I based the spring skin from (Cologne blue) doesn't seem to show this information either unfortunately. I guess I will have to create a new one based on Monobook instead for that to work. I'll see what I can do.

That might not be neccessary. I don't know exactly, but by cut&paste-ing the "catlinks" related things from the monobook style this should work just fine (with some modifications of course) --Hoehrer

Ok, to correct myself: There is no non-displayed "Categories" part in the current style. It may be suppressd by php depending on the skin or something like that :-/ So the method mentioned above will not work. --Hoehrer

Hey Fnordia ! The categories are working, woot ! Well done and thank you SeanHeron 00:10, 15 Mar 2006 (W. Europe Standard Time)

Made some big changes by integrating a bit of css and deleteing a lot of stuff. Can't figure out how to make a css class whithin wiki markup, which caused some useless repetition.