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Category system

OK I´ve been doing some more thinking about how to categorize all of the documentation we´ve produced (and are producing). The most logical (and I think sensible) system that I worked out was like this:

The Spring project revolves around the Engine . The documentation for the engine falls into four categorys: tools to use, structure of the code, how to change the code, and what needs to be done.

Two things follow directly from the engine:

  1. How to use the compiled engine (and direct components), meaning the Spring game, the lobby, the uikeys.txt and the settings tool at the moment. Most of this documentation is currently located in: Playing spring
  2. How to make Content for use with the engine, e.g. Units , Mods, Maps, etc. . The documentation of each of these can be split up similarly to the Engine doc. : into tools to use, structure of the data, and use of tools/ how to make the data. At the moment this is in the "Development" part, together with the engine documentation.

The next category follows from the last two: What content is there (what mods, etc), a description thereof, and how to use it best (Strategys, and tactics).

Finally, there is the documentation of all this documentation, meaning the talk pages of the articles, and dedicated pages to what the wiki should look like, standards to use, and how to categorize thinds :D (this hardly exists yet) .

The only thing that doesn´t fit in nicely to this scheme is "future talk" opinions about how things should be changed, feature requests, the Monthly topic rotation, etc. Maybe that kind of stuff belongs to the "talk" pages ? On the other hand some things could have their own page (e.g. what features do we want to put in the next Spring Version).