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Read Me First Answers to questions often asked - Everyone should read this first.

FAQ Has it been asked before?

Keyboard Default Keyboard Layout in the Engine.

Games Games that use the Spring engine.

Maps All about maps for the Spring engine and where to get them.

Getting Spring Content and Links Lists sites related to spring, and sites from which you can download spring Games, Maps, and more

AI:Skirmish Skirmish AIs for Singleplayer

Lua Widgets All about installing and using LuaUI widgets...

Hosting Spring Autohosting and related topics.

Mac OS Mac OSX information.

Linux NetBSD / Solaris / Linux / Cross-platform information.

Replays Watching recordings of previously played matches.

Statistics Some links/infos to statistics.

Advertising Spring RTS Description of campaigns and available resources.

The Lighter Side Of Spring Humour, comics and quotations.


Game Development Lots of links to valuable Articles and forum threads regarding Game/Unit Development.

Lua Scripting Information regarding the use of the supplementary Lua scripting language for Widgets and beyond...

Content Development Programs Links to all kind of useful programs.

Map Development Tutorials and other useful information for creating maps.

Chili UI framework Chili Ui framework designed by JK

Engine Development Starting point for engine development.

Compiling Engine How to build the Spring engine from source.

Lobby Development (Clients and Servers) Information regarding contributing to the source code of the different lobby clients and servers available for Spring.

AI Development Lots of information about developing Skirmish, Unit and Group AIs for Spring.

General Resources Usable textures, sounds and code snippets by the community, for the community.

Associated Development Groups Teams, Forums and Groups associated with Spring content and code development.

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The Spring project is very dependent on its community of users to help new players and developers. Learn more here.

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