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Maximum Annihilation claims to be the next evolutionary step in the long tradition of OTA mods which started with UberHack, continued with Absolute Annihilation (=AA) and finally lead to Balanced Annihilation (=BA) which just concentrates on fixing bugs and balancing issues on the AA basis and currently is the most popular mod.

Maximum Annihilation's development started with using BA as basis but instead of just doing some minor refinements it leaps ahead and adds in new or removes content just like its "spiritual predecessors". The goal is to provide a more intense gameplay experience by adding new strategic possibilities and lots of interesting features without having superflous or extremely similar units.

The current version 1.1 houses more than 450 units and buildings on three full-scale technology levels and their number is growing as some areas still await their planned new units. With other features like an altered economy system based upon less effecitve metal makers and a flexible multi-lab model for unit production there have been some big changes but you still can see BA's spirit shine through at various positions making Maximum Annihilation being rather loosely based on it.


Maximum Annihilation was designed to feature three entire technology levels plus sort of a fourth one housing some "game-ender-weapons" that actually will be seen in usual online games. That fourth level can only be achieved by having reached Tech-Level-3 and morphing your Commander thus leading to a higher hesitation to sacrifice your Commander in a "Combomb-Maneuver".

Multi-Level labs in Maximum Annihilation V1.1: malabsgalleryv11qq9.jpg

A new multi-lab model also gets introduced: Instead of assisting your labs with builders to get reasonable buildrates they now cannot be assisted anymore but build fast for themselves always consuming a constant rate of metal despite what is built. That ratio increases with ascending tech levels:

  • T1 Ground / Sea Labs: -5m per second
  • T2 Ground / Sea Labs: -10m per second
  • T3 Ground / Sea Labs: -25m per second
  • T1 Air Labs: -2.5m per second
  • T2 Air Labs: -5m per second
  • T3 Air Labs: -12.5m per second

This way you can plan how much of your metal income you want to spend on units. It now also is possible to choose more than just one unit class. Especially the first tech level lets you virtually choose any combination: Have labs for tanks and planes, K-Bots and tanks or even one for K-Bots, tanks, planes and ships - you're free to choose. You also no longer need to fear some enemy bombers piercing your defenses and bombing either your assisters (rendering your buildspeed to about 0 for quite some time) or your lab (what might get nasty if you don't have a builder nearby to rebuild your lab).

This system at the same time leads to another change: The buildtime no longer is a real resource which makes you need more time or buildpower to finish certain units/buildings. The buildtime now has a linear relation to the costs having the side effect that constructors now can finish buildings in a more reasonable timeframe and don't need huge assistance to provide acceptable buildtimes.

There also have been some changes on the unit roles: K-Bots now offer an all-terrain specialty while vehicles offer an amphibic specialty. Besides combat units both unit trees also feature specialized amphibic and all-terrain constructors. Apart from that K-Bots now also provide an advanced auto-repair capability: After not being under fire for a short while the unit starts its auto-repairs. The general regeneration rate looks like this:

  • T1 autoheal: 10HP per second
  • T2 autoheal: 20HP per second

Exceptions to this rule are scouts, spies and artillery which only have half of those values. This gives K-Bots a better raiding capability and a special qualification for conquer&hold tasks.

Starting a match with K-Bots now also is way more worthy because of new units like an artillery K-Bot which finally delivers a missing role for the T1 K-Bots.

Other major changes in comparison to BA:

  • Power Plants & Metal Extractors only have a rather tiny storage capacity. For serious backup resources you need storages.
  • Arm Flash & Core Instigator have more reasonable stats considering their costs and speed
  • Arm Samson & Core Slasher are Anti-Air only. For serious ground siege you have the dedicated artillery
  • Laser weapons now also deal 100% of their damage and don't lose lots of damage potential on more distant targets
  • Porcing and one unit spam got less effective so don't play a sitting duck and mix your units for good
  • Crawling Bombs only have a big detanotion when they ignite themselves and they can deploy into a static mine
  • T2 Tactical Nuke Launchers now act like small-factor nukes and can be countered by Anti-Nukes
  • Lifting Commanders with T1 Air Transports doesn't work
  • Construction K-Bots finally can ram down trees and don't get stuck anymore in forests
  • Bombers on partol now actually pick targets instead of flying their routes without any reaction
  • Decoy Commanders now have a big explosion too which doesn't deal much damage though
  • Juno doesn't kill but stun mines, radars & jammers
  • LRPCs don't damage subs and underwater buildings
  • Shields are exterior now i.e. the work like an umbrella -> enemy units inside the shield bubble aren't affected

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Maximum Annihilation is developed by Krogoth86 aka Käsetoast. Lots of LUA widgets, effects and some of the new units have been created by others though. Read the Credits.txt for more info on that or go here: (fixme)

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